Autonio (NIOX) (Sepember 2017) is a cryptocurrency token that operates on the Ethereum platform owned by the company, Autonio Foundation. Autonio (NIOX) makes use of market indicators to analyze cryptocurrency trends to generate buy/sell signals and execute trades[1][2][3].

Autonio (NIOX) is a decentralized artificially intelligent trading system that turns crypto-trading into a more rewarding and convenient practice.


Autonio is an AI-based algorithmic trading bot that uses pre-programmed software that analyzes market actions, such as time, price, orders, and volume. Autonio provides a user-friendly Graphical user interface (GUI) allowing its users to conveniently formulate the best strategy for trading and executing their trades[4][5].

The Autonio platform is built on JavaScript, PHP, and Ethereum smart contracts for securely connecting the trading ecosystem. Autonio has Bitfinex to showcase a functional demo product for potential investors to backtest and see various AI trading strategies and potential profits they can make with those strategies.

Autonio aims to bring together the cryptocurrency trading community, connecting experts to newbie users, and allowing people from diverse backgrounds to share their expertise and let the community as a whole benefit from crypto market volatility.

Autonio aims to equip users with smart trading tools that enable anyone to crowdsource liquidity intelligently.

Autonio Token, or “NIOX”, is a cryptographic token used by the Autonio network. Users can personalize and optimize their trading strategies by combining the trading indicators to maximize their returns. Basically, users can design their own investment strategies and let Autonio do the rest on their behalf. NIO platform allows users to backtest each of their alternative strategies and chose the one with the highest returns.

Autonio (NIOX) Use Case

Access: the portal has tier levels that decide which trading and market-making tools you can use. To summarize, the more NIOX in your wallet the better indicators you will be able to access.

Lower Fees: DAO members benefit from zero trading fees on the NIOX Smartdex. Also, it can be used to pay fewer trading fees on the NIOX Smartdex, by normal users.

Marketplace Currency: It allows the sales of trading strategies, Trading Terminal best practices tutorials, trade coaching, and fund distributed trading pools.

Governance: DAO members participate in the decision-making process to further develop the project while receiving staking rewards for participating in the governance process.

The NIOX Suite

The NIOX Suite has the following products:

NIOX Swarm

It is a crowdsourcing approach to liquidity provisions across all order book-based exchanges (centralized or decentralized). It makes it easy for anyone to set up a campaign and reward participants (liquidity providers).

NIOX Trading Terminal

NIOX Terminal is a decentralized AI trading system that permits open access to a wide array of algorithms and trading opportunities. It allows users to learn about, build, sell and deploy intelligent trading algorithms, and run market makers through a single user-friendly interface. NIOX Terminal also forges a community around algorithmic trading.


Build: NIOX Terminal features an algorithm customization tool with 20 technical indicators. Those who don’t desire custom algorithms can alternatively choose from a base set of 10+ provided trading algorithms or import their own.

Shop: Vetted trading algorithms that earn over 1% returns on front-tested data can be sold to other users on the NIOX Algorithm Marketplace. The profits from these sales go directly to algorithm creators, without disclosing the technical underpinnings of the algorithm itself.

Deploy: Purchased/ created algorithms can be front-tested, backtested, and deployed on any one of the NIOX 5 integrated exchanges.

Market Maker: NIOX Terminal offers a low-cost market marking tool that allows users to make markets with the click of a button.

Learn: Users looking to improve their portfolios can pay for consulting, mimicry, and portfolio rebalancing services from other expert traders.

NIOX Market Maker

NIOX Market Maker is a simple, robust market marking bot available to all users on the NIOX platform. To run The Market Marker, users connect their funds to the NIOX platform, choose their strategy, and click to deploy it. Upon deployment, The Market Marker will begin to conduct thousands of complex calculations from the BitShares’ data points and execute rapid trades in a fashion highly optimized to the exchange.

The long-term goal of the NIOX Market Marker is to merge algorithmic signals into its operation. This will help to protect market markers from getting caught in a one-way flow, commonly referred to as “black swan” occurrence.

NIOX Market Marker Trading Options:

Nonstop Market Making (Default): Constant market-making, without taking any price swings into consideration, ideal for a choppy two-way market.

Straight Shooter: Ideal for a slightly trending market where 5% to 10% swings in a day are common.

Smart Market Marker: Ideal for market-making in extreme conditions, where swings are high in volatility (e.g. 20% swings within five minutes). The smart market marker will increase the probability of a return in an extreme market and can be used in less volatile conditions.


NIOX AI is the NIOX Suite’s AI trading insight tool. It allows users to conduct complex sentiment analysis on a wide array of trading pairs.

NIOX AI will be deployed directly on top of the NIOX and NIOX Exchange Platforms, allowing users to take much of the emotion out of their crypto trades. The toll allows traders who are confined to the use of poorly-constructed analytics tools (like Google Sheets functions) to be able to maximize their trading efficiency using proven AI models.

NIOX AI leverages the use of the highly-popular Hidden Markov Model to analyze the latest market sentiment and trading patterns. This has manifested in the creation of the three specific offerings. Google Search Volume AI, Social Media Sentiment AI, and a Genetic Algorithm.

NIOX Exchange or SmartDEX

The NIOX Decentralized Exchange (NIOX Exchange) is a “smart dex”, or intelligent blockchain exchange, designed for secure peer-to-peer trading. It allows users to reliably trade cryptocurrency with minimal friction.

NIOX Exchange was created as a sandbox for traders to test, learn, and take cryptocurrency with security and a highly-intuitive user experience. The exchange plugs into the 0x protocol as a secondary source of liquidity and bakes in internal incentives for increased exchange usage.

Integration with NIOX and NIOX AI additionally allows the NIOX Exchange to support the deployment of a myriad of novel trading algorithms and sentiment analysis tools; creating a “smart”, or rational and higher-order trading environment that can be traded upon reliably by all users.

Autonio ICO

The Autonio ICO commenced in September 2017 with a total supply of 256 million NIO tokens with a hard cap of $10 million. The ICO, however, could not get the traction it deserved and concluded with collecting 180 ETH or about $54,000 at that time.

As a result of that, approximately 35 million NIO tokens were burnt post token sale, and 35 million NIO were evenly distributed among token sale buyers according to the contribution they made with huge bonuses.

Later, 154,638,654 NIO tokens were locked in a Multisignature wallet at 0xf2cCc772596db904F4f77290BB21Ada3B00a8A08 as team tokens which can be audited by anyone even now, leaving 65,828,135 NIO as the circulating supply on CoinMarketCap.

Autonio Farming Pool

Autonio Farming Pool is a way to farm and swap NIOX. Autonio Farming Pool project was introduced after the successful cooperation of Autonio with ValueDeFi. The Autonio Farming Pool is similar to assets farming, which is liquidity mining and a way to generate rewards with cryptocurrency holdings. Autunio farming Pools simply means locking up Ethereum and NIOX to get NIOX farming rewards[11][13].

Sequel to the launching of Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS) by ValueDeFI, Autonio NIOX was one of the first farms to be deployed on the platform. With the Farming-as-a-Service protocol liquidity providers will automatically receive NIOX tokens after providing liquidity on the NIOX Farming Pool.

NIOX Staking

NIOX Staking is an activity where users lock or hold their NIOX in their wallets to participate in maintaining the operations of a proof-of-stake (PoS)-based Autonio system. NIOX Staking makes the holder a part of the NIOX DAO, allowing them to get involved integrally with the project, interact with the team and other DAO members, and make decisions on the development & strategy of the project. NIOX active stakers are eligible for annual staking rewards.

Features of NIOX Staking

Duration: The minimum staking period is six (6) months as per the DAO vote.

Reward: There are rewards only for active stakers at the time of the rewards distribution.

Withdrawal: The Withdrawal period is twenty-one (21) days. Any withdrawal before the minimum 6 months staking period is Zero.

Staking reward calculation: Staking reward calculation is R= (MS*100/Tss)*15M . Where R = Yearly Staking Reward, MS=DAO Member Staked amount, TSS= Total DAO Staked Supply.


Autonio (NIOX) has a Market Cap of 20,910,260 dollars. Autonio (NIOX) has a circulating supply of 71 Million NIOX coins and a maximum supply of 315 Million. Autonio (NIOX) registers a historic All-Time High of $0.822057 on the 8th of January, 2018, and an All-Time Low of $0.00000977 on the 15th of June, 2020[22].

Autonio (NIOX) is actively traded in Uniswap (v2) exchange.


Autonio Foundation

Autonio Foundation is a registered non-profit company founded in the United Kingdom that aims to enable investors and traders to navigate the crypto markets with profitability, privacy, and ease. Autonio Foundation is a decentralized autonomous organization built around developing accessible, easy to use, and affordable trading tools and services for the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) ecosystem. These tools make it easier for crypto traders to conduct trading analysis, deploy trading algorithms, exchange cryptocurrencies, sell their strategies, and pool funds for trading purposes, all with profitability, security, and ease .

Founder & Team

Ali Raheman: is the founder of Autonio (NIOX). He has a passion for science, medicine, invention and acquired a taste for entrepreneurship and product designing. He started working on his craft at age 15 exploring different vocations and skills like content writing, designing, video editing, 3D modeling & animation, android app development.

He has worked in practically every role and department within an organization gaining invaluable experience and understanding. He received his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from 2015 to 2021 from Xi'an Jiaotong University.


Some of the team members are:

Ikram Ansari: is the Head of Products at Autonio.

Dr. Anton Kolonin: is the Lead AI/ML at Autonio.

Igors Fridkins: is the Project Manager at Autonio.

Rajat Lonare: is the Project Manager at Autonio.

Tobias Kirmes: is the Head of Communications at Autonio.

Loïc Arnould: is the Creative Director at Autonio.

Gergely Hegyközi: is the Lead Developer at Autonio.


Autonio (NIOX) is advised by a strong set of professionals.Their combined experience, wisdom and success is a powerful guide to the project's

growth and direction. Some of the professionals include:

Michael Horowitz: is the Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer at StratX.

Alex Altman: is the Co-founder & COO at StratX.

Ben Goertzel: is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of SingularityNET (AGI).

Stan Larimer: is the Godfather of BitShares (BTS).

Luke Wagman: is the Ex-Chief Evangelist at CoinMarketCap.


Autonio Foundation is governed by Crowdocracy, which is decentralized governance of the Crowd, by the Crowd, for the Crowd. In the Autunio foundation, there is no central control, the developers and administrators are only facilitating and not owning the system per se. Their only role should be to provide a robust platform that empowers the members to operate away from the central control.

Autonio Foundation adapts ten principles of Crowdocracy in refining its governance, they are:

  • No Central Control
  • No Dictates
  • Collective Intelligence
  • Collective Disruption
  • Freedom of Choice
  • Transparency
  • Privacy
  • Decentralized Justice
  • Rating Peers
  • Volunteering

Social Media

Autonio Foundation is active on social media handles and could be reached through the platform's Twitter, Telegram, Medium, YouTube, Facebook, and Discord.


Autonio has entered into strategic partnerships with SingularityDAO, SingularityNET (AGI),, StratX, Polygon, ZeroMile, TomoChain (TOMO), Loopring (LRC), Elrond (cryptocurrency), KuCoin, and Trimark technologies.

Autonio Partners with SingularityNET (AGI)

Autonio and SingularityNET partnership entered a new phase of alliance wherein the parties closely cooperate to make the DeFi space smarter. With the SingularityNet AGI, the Autonio utility tokens will enable seamless utilization of AI agents across the Autonio platforms. Through the SingularityNET marketplace, other businesses and users will also be able to utilize the AI agents deployed by Autonio Foundation to enhance their own custom trading algorithms and strategies. Also with the SingularityNET’s SingDAO initiative, there will be multi-level AI agents deployed with the ability to seamlessly communicate with each other building a strong foundation for developers and businesses to build and utilize AI.

In a statement by Ali Raheman, he said:

SingularityNET X-Lab can offer the perfect environment for us to build NIOnet, our AI Network designed to power our algorithmic trading terminal allowing smart automation of existing trading strategies and offer market sentiment insights allowing traders to make smarter trading decisions.

Autonio Partners with

On the 16th of February, Autonio Foundation announced its partnership with The partnership between both firms is to enable the integration of Autonio’s liquidity mining campaigns into the platform.

Autonio Partners with Polygon

Autonio Foundation partnered with Polygon (previously Matic Network) to port Autonio's DeFi tools onto the low-cost high-performance Polygon Network. Autonio Foundation aims to democratize access to trading tools and infrastructure, and Polygon's high throughput, low-cost layer 2 solution is the perfect fit for Autonio’s high-performance trading tools.

Autonio Partners with TomoChain

In December 2020, TomoChain entered into a strategic partnership with Autonio to boost TomoDEX Liquidity. This strategic partnership has the following integrations implemented that is made available for users:

  • Integration of TomoDEX into NIOX Maker.
  • Adding support for TomoChain on NIOX Swarm; bringing liquidity mining campaigns onto TomoChain.
  • Adding support for TomoChain DEXs into Autonio’s SmartDEX.

Autonio Partners with Loopring

In September 2020, Autonio partnered with Loopring thereby allowing NIOX Maker (part of NIOX Suite by Autonio) to support Loopring Exchange, an Ethereum zkRollup DEX. Autonio Foundation’s automated trading tools and infrastructure, especially the NIOX Maker, are a perfect match for the high-performance engine offered by Loopring. This partnership allows users to deploy active liquidity provision strategies on a gas-free, non-custodial Ethereum exchange.

Autonio Partners with Elrond

In September 2020, Autonio Foundation migrated the token and smart contracts for their NIOX suite on the Elrond blockchain. This alliance seeks to migrate existing Autonio components on Elrond and further explore building additional tools that leverage Elrond's high throughput and inexpensive network to enable Autonio’s mission.

Beniamin Mincu, Elrond CEO commented that:

Autonio is setting the right example for the blockchain ecosystem. They are capitalizing on an important moment in DeFi history by migrating their tools on Elrond, thus removing any performance & cost obstacles for their users.

Autonio Partners with KuCoin

KuCoin has announced a new partnership with Autonio, naming the project as one of the algorithmic trading partners of the exchange. Autonio and KuCoin agreed to partner on certain promotional efforts. KuCoin will be integrated into Autonio’s desktop trading terminal and mobile app as one of the verified exchanges on the platform.

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