Beam (gaming)

Beam is an independent network specializing in gaming created by the . Operating autonomously and powered by the well-established network, Beam serves the needs of both gamers and game developers. [1]


Fueled by the Merit Circle DAO, Beam thrives within a dedicated gaming community, boasting over 60 partner games and a robust ecosystem of contributors and investors. This provides reliability and immediate functionality, fostering confidence among gaming enthusiasts. [2]

Beam operates on the Avalanche network, ensuring cost-effective and swift settlements for its subnets. With the flexibility to adjust fees and block time, the platform optimizes transactions within games, exemplified by the DFK subnet supporting DeFi Kingdom with 1.5 million daily transactions and nominal fees. Additionally, Beam facilitates seamless on-chain deployment for game developers, covering smart contracts, gas-optimized transactions, and other complexities. The network prioritizes security and trust, limiting the initial deployment of smart contracts to whitelisted addresses proposed by token holders in a fair and open process. [2]

Beam Ecosystem


wikiBeamOS eliminates the friction and boundaries that gamers often face, packaging the experience into a user interface that is familiar, customizable, and uniquely tailored. Every tool, app, and Beam ecosystem feature will be at users' fingertips. [3]

Beam SDK

wikiThe Beam SDK is an underlying framework that allows game developers to customize projects according to preferences. It advocates for a that enhances gameplay without restricting how users should play games. [3]

The Beam SDK provides developers with programmable control over various aspects, such as accounts, transactions, etc. There are no prescribed guidelines on when or how to utilize the SDK; developers can choose features that suit their preferences while leaving out unnecessary ones. [3]

Beam LayerZero Bridge

The Beam LayerZero Bridge allows users to transfer assets through a simple process. This process encompasses the transfer of BEAM tokens ($BEAM) required for transactions and the potential future inclusion of tokens from games introduced on Beam. [4]

Prioritizing security, collaborated with instead of developing a bridging solution internally. The successful partnership with the LayerZero Labs team reinforced the decision to incorporate their protocol. [4]

Beam AMM Swap

wikiThe Beam Automated Market Maker allows users to smoothly exchange tokens of their preferred projects developed on Beam in a lively setting. Each project will possess its dedicated pool, and an additional USDC/MC pool (or other combinations) may be introduced as needed by validators, users, and projects to acquire more Merit Circle tokens for various purposes. [5]

The AMM smart contracts impose fees for each swap executed on the protocol, divided into and protocol fees. Liquidity provider fees are distributed proportionally among providers based on their contributions to liquidity reserves for the relevant pair. On the other hand, the protocol charges an undisclosed fee for utilizing its features, with this portion autonomously allocated for MC buyback and burning. [5]

Beam Hub

wikiBeam Hub is a gaming platform and one of the first products released by . It caters to two significant gaming audiences simultaneously: early-access and competitive players. The platform aims to introduce inquisitive gamers to a new gaming experience in a fun and inviting environment while offering competitive opportunities for gamers seeking such experiences. [3]

Users joining the Beam Hub can anticipate engaging in thrilling tournaments, collaborations, campaigns with other games, and much more in the future. [3]

Currently, the Beam Hub holds 191 games. [6]


Provided by the Merit Circle DAO, Sphere is the dedicated marketplace for gaming. Acquire assets from your preferred game seamlessly and transparently through this platform, serving as the initial destination for gamers and a concluding solution for game developers catering to their users. [5]

Like the Beam AMM Swap, Sphere imposes an unspecified protocol fee for each transaction to access its features. This fee is autonomously employed for MC buyback and burning purposes. [5]

Beam Companion App

The Beam Companion App acts as a guide throughout the gaming experience, facilitating actual ownership of in-game assets for users of games integrated with the Beam network. Extracting these assets from the game can be a complex process, and the app provides a solution by allowing users to link their in-game accounts for various games. This connection empowers gamers to assert ownership over their game assets at their discretion. With the app, users can seamlessly swap game tokens, share in-game items with friends, and secure their most valuable possessions when not actively playing. [7]

$BEAM Token

$BEAM functions as the native currency within the Beam network, covering transaction costs for all activities on the platform. This encompasses various transactions, including fund transfers and the deployment of smart contracts.


At the outset, 1,000,000,000 $MC tokens were created and allocated to various stakeholders within the DAO:

  • Community Incentives: 29.4% (294,000,000 MC tokens) distributed to reward community contributions.
  • Contributors: 20% (200,000,000 MC tokens) allocated to core contributors and advisors for their full-time efforts.
  • DAO Treasury: 15% (150,000,000 MC tokens) reserved for a position in the entire DAO's treasury.
  • Early Contributors: 14.1% (141,000,000 MC tokens) distributed to contributors in the seed round.
  • Liquidity Rewards: 10% (100,000,000 MC tokens) are set aside as incentives for liquidity on decentralized exchanges.
  • Public Distribution: 7.5% (75,000,000 MC tokens) allocated for the public round.
  • Retroactive Rewards: 4% (40,000,000 MC tokens) set aside to reward the earliest backers in the Axie420 period.
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Beam (gaming)


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