BitScreener is a finance-focused unified platform of  and stock tracker powered by Blockchain. It integrates data of separated spaces of stock and cryptocurrency into a single platform, allowing traders and investors to track their Investments across the domains seamlessly[1][2].

leverages the blockchain incentivization mechanism for user engagement and content quality. The visualization tools (charts, tables, news, etc.) of the data subsystem support writers to create new content easily within the platform.


BitScreener is an innovative financial ecosystem using -based incentivization in order to solve the problems of;

  1. unfair profit sharing
  2. biased information
  3. fragmented financial data system and community content system
  4. fragmented stock and crypto domains as mentioned above in the financial data and content delivery.

BitScreener integrates several advancements of the existing content delivery and crowdsourcing systems for finance field with a focus on economic incentives[3][4].

The Bitscreener ecosystem is a community-generated financial content system that utilizes blockchain-based rewards, in order to improve fairness among various parties. The system will evaluate certain users’ social actions, such as writing a well-researched article, editing a post, or upvoting/downvoting a piece of information. Upon evaluation, these actions are later translated into points (BSP) depending on how their actions benefit the community.

BitScreener uses the latest visualization tools so that users can perform their technical analysis right on the website efficiently. BitScreener is also a financial news compiler and discussion aggregator. The breakthrough of BitScreener is the blockchain-based incentivization via token BITX. BITX is a vehicle for transferring value between content contributors and content consumers. The financial writers or researchers who deliver the value will be awarded BITX and the readers or traders who consume value, to some degree, may need to spend the tokens.


  • David Nguyen, Ph.D. - CEO and Co-Founder
  • Hai Pham - Director
  • Quang Hoang - Technology Lead
  • Anh Nguyen - Director and CTO
  • Phong Le, Ph.D. – Advisor
  • Ha Le – Director
  • Huy Tran - Blockchain Engineer
  • Hanh Nguyen - Business Development Manager[2]

Partnership & Investors

  • Trust Wallet
  • World Blockchain Forum
  • Blockchain Hackathon[5]
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October 12, 2022


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