Blitmap is a collection of 32 X 32 pixelated images with underlying metadata embedded and processed on the Ethereum network. Every pixelated image in the Blitmap NFT collection uses variations or unique blends of fire, water, or earth colour palettes[1].

The Story

This project was started and written by "Dom Hofmann", an artist and entrepreneur best known as the creator of Vine[2].

A group of 17 digital artists minted the first 100 original pixel art pieces. Later, the community created 1600 distinct siblings by fusing the configuration of an original with the color palette of another. These 1700 pixel arts are collectively known as “Blitmaps.” Technically, the main advantage of going on-chain is permanence. All data, functionality, and the "story" of Blitmap exist without maintenance for as long as Ethereum does.

Blitmap is artistically, relying solely on the Ethereum Virtual Machine which presents interesting constraints which inspire creativity. Moreover, the community has announced the creation of heroes or “Blitnauts” as a part of their growth plans. The expansion pack will soon hit the market and be distributed for free to all Blitmap holders.


Blitmap is a community-governed science fantasy-based NFT collection encrypted on the Ethereum blockchain. The project is the brainchild of Dom Hoffman, famous for the co-creation of the “Vine ” video-sharing app. As a community-crafted on-chain art collection and universe, there is 1,700 pieces total (100 originals), which the community used to make 1,600 siblings — unique pieces that combine the composition of one original with the palette of another.

Blitmaps and their metadata are stored and processed entirely on the Ethereum blockchain. The data format allows for 32x32 images with up to 4 colors inside 268 bytes of data, which keeps gas costs manageable.Because data and logic are stored in the same location, fascinating things may be done within the smart contract. On the contract, you may combine Blitmaps, extract properties (like "Fire III" or the slab pattern), and even convert to SVG. Blitmap collectibles are regularly bought and sold on the secondary market[3].

Owners of Blitmap collectibles get access to unique perks, including expansion packs, the ability to help guide the growing Blitmap universe, and moreBlitmap NFT #1569 – Rune Key currently has the highest listed sale price of ETH 5000, while #1043 – Boydocry Ride has the lowest listed sale price of ETH 30 on OpenSea. Blitmap NFT #1141 – Cherrybomb Everything is on auction with the top active bid standing at ETH 21.30.

Figures on Blitmap Sales

As per the past seven days’ data on NFT stats, 177 Blitmap NFTs were sold, trade volumes equaled $11.46 million, and the average sale price was $64,700.

The top 10% of the Blitmap NFT collection was sold for $110,000 or higher. 50% of the Blitmap sales were less than or equal to $59,000. As per 7-day sales volumes, the Bitmap NFT collection currently ranks twenty-eighth. The current top-selling Blitmap NFTs are #81- Mask ($399,000), #15 – Mask ($399,000), #31 – Mageglovey ($350,000), #14 – Overloaded ($318,000), and #67 – Mushroom ($192, 000).

#81 – Mask is the most valuable and rarest original Blitmap NFT. Only 7% of the Blitmaps have Water III affinity, 1% have Glimpse composition & palette, and 4% have the same slab pattern as #81 – Mask.

Since the Blitmap NFTs reside on-chain, their perpetuity is guaranteed till the Ethereum blockchain exists. All functions such as extracting characteristics like affinity, slab patterns, etc., merging Blitmaps, and converting to SVG can be done within the smart contract. Recently, the original Blitmap collection has been made public domain under CCO(Collateralized Coin Offering). Thus, artists can produce self-sustainable derivative virtual artworks from Blitmaps[4].

How to buy Blitmap on OpenSea

The all-time average price of Blitmap is 4.925 ETH, so expect to pay around that cost to secure an NFT in the Blitmap collection:

  1. Fund wallet with cryptocurrency to buy NFT: Most NFTs on OpenSea are bought and sold using Ether, the native crypto on the Ethereum blockchain. Make sure to have enough Ethereum in the wallet to cover the cost of the NFT and any related fees, like gas.
  2. Find NFT on OpenSea: OpenSea has hundreds of thousands of NFTs listed, so consider looking through collections to help narrow down the selection.
  3. Transfer ETH to a web3 wallet: MetaMask is a popular web3 wallet option, and the guide on MetaMask has detailed instructions on how to make the transfer.
  4. Buy Blitmap NFT: When the user is ready to make their purchase, they need to click the "Buy Now" button on the specific NFT. OpenSea show users the total cost, including fees, and after purchasing be sure to approve the transaction in their MetaMask wallet
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