Chung Dao

Chung Dao is the Co-founder and CEO of , an AI-powered and ecosystem for . He is also the Co-founder of Rikkeisoft. [1][2]


Chung Dao attended the University of Eastern Finland for a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from 2012 to 2014. In 2014, he attended the University of Tokyo for a Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D. in Computer Science, and graduated in 2017. [1]


Chung Dao started his career in 2011 as an Assistant Professor at Hanoi University of Science & Technology. In April 2012, he founded Rikkeisoft[3], a Software Solutions and Services provider in Vietnam. [1]


In August 2020, Chung Dao co-founded alongside and  and he serves as the CEO of the company. [1][4]

Oraichain (ORAI) is a public  that allows users to create different data requests. Instead of users,  can also request data securely from  (AI) APIs through . The blockchain network is built based on Cosmos SDK along with Terdemint’s Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus that helps speed up transactions’ confirmation time. [4]

Oraichain's features include the AI marketplace for AI algorithms, an AI provider for devs, individuals, or companies, a  & earning functionality, user/AI requests, and the OraiDAO for validators and stakeholders to review community changes. [4][5]

"Oraichain can be a bridge to make a trade-off between the security & AI" - Chung Dao in an interview[6]

"With Oraichain, you can have enhanced AI-based farming strategies, so you can up that ROI... methods of identification that you can bring into it... automated trading based on price predictions."[6]


ORAI is the native token created and contained in the Oraichain network. There are three types of ORAI including ORAI on the network, ORAI on the , and Native ORAI on the Oraichain [7]

The ORAI token has a total supply of 16,779,272 allocated between the Ecosystem, the treasury, and the Foundation. [7]

On October 3, 2023, teamed up with the to bring Oasis Privacy Layer #OPL to Cosmos via OraiBridge. This means more privacy options for builders and users on Oraichain and the greater Cosmos ecosystem. [8]

"Oraichain is an AI oracle that integrates AI and blockchain services, offering AI-driven services for NFT projects and NFT originality proof" - Chung Dao

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Chung Dao

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