Share is a platform that provides , high-performance computing resources for artificial intelligence and machine learning applications. connects users with computational power, enabling efficient and scalable processing for various AI tasks.[1][2][3]

Overview is an innovative platform that connects individuals and businesses seeking to utilize high-performance GPUs for various tasks, such as artificial intelligence training, video rendering, and mining. The platform provides a user-friendly marketplace, enabling users to access powerful computing resources at competitive prices and flexible basis.[4] is headquartered in the Czech Republic and is legally registered in the Czech business registry. The swift lease initiation process and minute-by-minute billing system ensure that both renters and hosters can efficiently utilize their resources. As a standout feature, hosters can take advantage of background mining, allowing their equipment to generate income even when they are waiting for tenants.[4]

Use Cases

AI Training

Users can harness the power of high-end GPUs for efficient, scalable AI model training, compatible with various deep learning frameworks and prioritizing data security.


Users can boost their mining speed and profitability with the platform's powerful GPUs while avoiding high home energy costs and maintenance hassles.

Movie Render

Users can attain professional-grade movie renders with our powerful GPUs that significantly reduce rendering time and are compatible with various rendering software.[5]


Clore Web Wallet

On June 8, 2024, the platform announced the official Clore Web Wallet. The new wallet supports POH, which means users can benefit just by holding Clore in their wallets. The team also announced that the Desktop Wallets for Windows, Mac, and Linux are in the final stages of testing and will be released soon.[6][7]

$CLORE has its native digital currency, CLORE. CLORE is a based on the KaWPOW algorithm. It is used to reward hosters and encourage platform engagement. Additionally, the platform has implemented a Proof of Holding system.[8]

Users who hold CLORE in their desktop wallets can enjoy discounts of up to 50% on commission fees when renting on, creating an even more attractive ecosystem for participants. CLORE was launched on December 6, 2022, in the Czech Republic. There was no premine, no ICO, or masternodes. Everyone can mine Clore from the very first block.[8]

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