Coinone is one of the largest exchanges in South Korea. Founded in 2014 by CEO Chan Myung Hun, Coinone was created with the objective of establishing a user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea. Initially focused solely on Bitcoin, the platform later expanded its offerings to include a range of other digital currencies such as , , , , , , and . [1][2]

In October 2023, Coinone started supporting the [3]



  • Relocated to Yeouido Park One Tower 1 Headquarters
  • Established Coinone User Protection Department
  • Signed MOU with POSTECH for joint research and development in Crypto-Blockchain Technology


  • Reported financial services to Financial Information Analysis Institute (FIU) under the Financial Services Commission
  • Established an AML Center
  • Launched joint venture CODE (COnnect Digital Exchanges) for Travel Rule
  • Processed transparent disclosure of trade support and trade termination
  • Signed a strategic investment agreement with Gamevil (now Com2uS Holdings)
  • Passed the ISMS certification post-assessment.


  • Launched cryptocurrency easy purchase service
  • Completed AML solution establishment


  • Partnered with Xangle and CertiK for disclosure and project auditing
  • Released the PASS App
  • Introduced the next-generation trading engine 'Coinone Core'
  • Achieved ISO27001 certification


  • Obtained Information Security Management System (ISMS) Certification
  • Launched Coinone Mobile App 2.0
  • Opened Coinone Node, a virtual asset node profit sharing service
  • First global virtual asset exchange listed in Bloomberg Terminal Research Report
  • Launched Coinone Core, a next-generation engine solution
  • Coinone Transfer acquired license for small-scale overseas remittance service
  • Established specialized research center for virtual assets
  • Became the first domestic cryptocurrency exchange to expand overseas, establishing a corporation in Indonesia
  • Signed sponsorship Agreement with Nexen Gold
  • Partnered with NH Nonghyup Bank for Real-name Account Integration


  • Launch of global community service project “Coinone Give”
  • Launch of the world’s first blockchain 4D zone “Coinone Blocks”
  • The first domestic exchange signing a cyber indemnity insurance contract
  • Signed sponsorship agreement with Gangwon FC
  • Achieved second place in the global virtual asset exchange rankings
  • Launched Ripple exchange service
  • Achieved 9th Place in the Global Virtual Asset Exchange Rankings and 2nd Place in Global Ethereum Trading Volume


  • Started deposits operations with Daishin Securities
  • Started overseas remittance service with Cross Blockchain
  • Collaborated with Sogang University LINC Business Division Blockchain Research and Development
  • MOU with Daishin Securities
  • First Korean exchange supporting Ethereum operations
  • Collaborated with KICC on Research and Development of Bitcoin Payment System
  • Changed corporate name to Coinone


  • Launched Bitcoin Overseas Purchase Center
  • Received investment from DAYLI Financial Group
  • Participated in BeGlobal Seoul 2015 Bitcoin Payment Solution
  • Introduced Coinone Multi-Signature Wallet


  • Launched Bitcoin exchange operations
  • Received investment from Kakao Ventures (formerly K Cube Ventures)
  • Established and incorporated as Coinone Inc


Users have the option to exchange various currencies to Korean Won (KRW) using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as an intermediary. The exchange has withdrawal limits in place, with a maximum of 100 million KRW per account, and a transactional limit of 20 million KRW.  [4]

Coinone Plus

Coinone Plus is a service that allows Coinone members to delegate their coins to participate indirectly in business operations. [5]

The reward criteria is based on the following:

  • Lockup is a feature designed to temporarily secure virtual assets, offering special incentives upon the conclusion of the lockup period.
  • Daily is a service that provides rewards simply for holding virtual assets. It allows for transactions and withdrawals without any constraints even while participating in the Daily program.
  • Steaking is a service enabling users to directly delegate virtual assets to the blockchain steak system, resulting in substantial rewards.

The earnings generated from running Coinone Plus, after deducting operational expenses, are distributed among the members. The distribution is determined based on the proportion of the held virtual asset, typically ranging from 80% to 90% of the overall compensation. [5]

Coinone Blocks

Launched in 2017, Coinone Blocks was a physical branch that enabled offline cryptocurrencies exchanges. It offered a wide range of services, including face-to-face consulting on cryptocurrency trading. Coinone Blocks stopped operations in July 2019. [6]

Coinone Give

Coinone Donate (Coingone Give) is a social contribution project. The first contribution was made to support Code to Inspire (CTI). Founded in 2015, CTI aims to empower Afghan women by providing coding education, thereby improving their social status at a fundamental level. [7]

The first official sponsorship project was Web1, an educational coding project. [7]


Coinone is part of CODE (COnnect Digital Exchanges), a joint of the Korean exchanges Coinone, and established with the aim of creating an anti-money laundering system to comply with the travel rule by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an international organization based in Paris that establishes standards to prevent the illegal movement of funds. [9][10]


Com2us Holdings

Established in 2000, Com2us Holdings is a company in the gaming industry. It has formed a strategic partnership with Coinone, aiming to collaborate on the development and application of new blockchain technology for potential business opportunities. [8]

POSTECH Research and Business Development Foundation

The POSTECH Research and Business Development Foundation is an organization dedicated to promoting industry-academic cooperation to enhance national competitiveness. It serves as a strategic partner for Coinone, actively contributing to the advancement of the crypto/blockchain ecosystem through joint research and development efforts. [8]

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