Humayun Sheikh

Humayun Sheikh is the CEO and Co-founder of , an open-source and permissionless network leveraging  (AI) to create a decentralized machine-learning system that can execute tasks on the . [1][2]


Humayun Sheikh attended NED University of Engineering and Technology where he received a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical, Electronics, and Communications Engineering from 1991-1995. [2]

From 2003-2004, Humayun attended the Cambridge Judge Entrepreneurship Centre for a Business Administration and Management course. [2]


Humayun Sheikh was the Chairman of Mettalis Group, a UK Commodities trading company from 2013-2017. [2]

In August 2014, he founded itzMe, a Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence company, and served as the CEO until December 2017. In June 2020, he founded Mettalex & also served as the CEO until June 2022. Humayun was a founding investor in DeepMind where he supported commercialization for early-stage AI & deep neural network technology. [2][3]

In August 2017, Humayun Sheikh co-founded , the artificial intelligence lab developing the platform alongside and . network is an open-access decentralized machine learning -based network created to enable the development and growth of the digital economy without human interference. The network connects devices and services to the Internet of Things (IoT) and also facilitates the involvement of other agents, such as people. [1][2]

was launched via IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) on in March 2019. The went live in January 2020. [4]

"I have this passion for taking all these machine learning models, which are going to be the gold, and commercializing them so that everybody can have a participation in it. That was kind of the start of the Fetch journey, and we haven't looked back since then." - Humayun said in an interview with . [5]

According to Humayun, the technology targets various sectors, including those with a decentralized marketplace for service providers such as plumbers and electricians, promising increased efficiency and accessibility for small businesses. [6]

"Our objective is to create tools which can enable business cases to be developed and deployed in a decentralized manner and the ability to use ML/AI which can progressively be decentralized" - Humayun posted in an explanatory X thread[9]

FET Token

The FET token is the native token of the platform. It is required by autonomous economic agents to perform specific tasks as well as register on the network. FET is used to pay for services, deploy AI agents, and network . Users can also stake FET for a chance to participate in ecosystem security through its  mechanism on the Ledger to earn rewards. [7]

In February 2019, the Fetch.AI (FET) token sale on the crypto exchange  Launchpad reached its hard cap of $6 million dollars with the sale of over 69 million tokens. In a tweet published the same day, Binance CEO  reported the sale had been completed within a "dizzying 22 seconds". [8]

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Humayun Sheikh

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