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Jack Butcher is a well-known artist, designer, content creator, entrepreneur and the founder of Visualize Value, a communications channel that creates unique pieces of art, and offers insight into becoming a crypto artist.  [1][2]


In 2009, Butcher began working as a Design Intern for Motif Creative, a company in Nottingham. He learned how to use a computer to make things that influence people. He stayed at the job for just one month then left. [6]

In May 2010, he then began working as a Design Intern for Elevator, a company in Cardiff. He learnt how to build brands people trust. He stayed at the job for just two months then left. [7]

He again worked as a Design Intern for Underdog Ltd in London in August 2010. He worked there for two months. He learnt how to build digital products that deliver business results.

He then moved to the United States where he became a Designer & Art Director for Exit Creative Company in September 2010. [7]

Exit Creative is located in Greater New York City Area, he was responsible for making luxury brands more luxurious. He worked with clients like Ralph Lauren, Xocolatti, Bernado, Craig Robinson. He worked there for over a year then left in May 2012. [9]

In August 2012, he began working as a Creative Director for ColorZen, a company located in Greater New York City Area. He made people aware of ethically produced cotton. He worked there for 7 months. [7]

He became a Senior Art Director for SapientNitro in October 2012, it is a company located in Greater New York City Area. He was responsible for making digital products that sell physical products. He worked with clients like Ferrari, MSNBC, Godiva, and Showtime. He worked there for over two years. [8]

In September 2014, he became the Senior Art Director for Bloomberg L.P., a company located in Greater New York City Area. He was responsible for making people aware of new ways to consume financial news. He was there for only six months and left in February 2015. [7]

In July 2014, he became the Creative Director and Product Director for RecruitiFi, a company located in Greater New York City Area. He was responsible for making it faster and easier for organizations to hire the right people. He worked there for over a year then left. [6]

In August 2015, he was the Senior Art Director for Second Story Interactive Studios. He was responsible for making physical spaces interact with people to teach them new things. He worked with clients like Nokia, Nutella, Michelin. He worked there for two years then he left.

In July 2017, he then became the Associate Creative Director for space150, a company located in Greater New York City Area. He was responsible for making complex financial products easier to understand and purchase. He worked with clients like American Express, 3M. He worked there for seven months then left. [7]

In January 2018, he founded Opponent, the company is result driven by design. He stated that he founded the company when he hit a down period,

“I hit a down period and nothing seems to be going right, I try to remind myself, that itʼs usually preparing me for the next big up. I donʼt always share these downs on social media and many people donʼt either. Probably because itʼs very difficult.”

In January 2019, he founded Visualize Value, it is a communications channel that creates unique pieces of art, and offers insight into becoming a crypto artist. [7]

He started the company after personal experience and learnings. His business was doing custom ad campaigns for large clients. He paid the bills. But it, like most agency work, was exhausting. So, in 2020, Jack launched his first digital product, a $19 daily planner. This opened his eyes into digital products. [6]

He used these amazing graphics to go viral on Twitter and build a large audience. He then launched a $299 course a visualizing value, which means using graphics to tell complicated stories. [9]

Next, he launched a course called Build Once, Sell Twice, which is about producing a service. For example, one of his students was a trial lawyer who now sells a $2,000 course on public speaking and persuasive arguments. [3]

In only 18 months, Jack’s course business is making nearly $1 million a year. Most of the sales come from his Twitter following, which he built from scratch in 18 months. He believes it is important to track how much time you spend on social media platforms. [4]

The benefit of his contents is that it is already helping 70% of the problem that some of his clients are looking for solutions for. He believes deeper industry knowledge is more important than adding technical skills that many people sometimes focus on doing. [4]

Butcher gained a significant following on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, where he shared his insights on business, branding, and creativity. He is also known for his minimalist designs and has created visualizations for companies like Google, Pepsi, and Airbnb.

NFTs and CryptoArt

Butcher put this image up for sale on one of the marketplaces. The auction, which started with 0.10 , ended with a bid of 74 ETH on March 23, 2021. The name of the recipient is unknown.
In his work, there are two white rectangles with JPG and NFT text. There is a blue check mark on the one with Non-Fungible Token (NFT) inscription, which means approved.[9]

Those who saw Butcher's revealing NFT on Twitter started sharing that they would sell it by taking a screenshot of this . The event initiated by a user named Ngengi Magana continued with the participation of many people. Users expressed that they want to take screenshots of the screenshots and make NFT and sell them.

On March 9, 2021, Butcher launched "" project featuring a collection of 100 unique that represent , receipts, and invoices from his real-life business transactions.

Butcher was renowned for breaking down messages into simple and easily digestible images leveraging his creative agency, Visualize Value (“VV”).
On January 3, 2023, Butcher launched the project as an open edition following the aftermath of acquiring the blue checkmark on Twitter for an $8 fee where the became powerful.[10]

Awards and Honors

  • Finalist, Environments: Environmental Graphics & Signage Systems, June 2016 IDEA Awards · Jun 2016
  • Platinum: Best in Category, Alternative Media: Ambient Media, Creativity Media & Interactive Design... Awards · May 2016
  • Product of the year, Human Resource Executive Magazine ·... Oct 2014
  • Automotive Experiential Award (Silver), W3 · Jun 2014 Politics (Honoree), Webbys · Jun 2014
  • Integrated Campaign, Automotive, W3 · Jun 2014
  • News Website (Gold), W3 · Jun 2014
  • Social Content Award (Silver), W3 · Jun 2014
  • New Blood, D&AD · Jun 2010
  • Politics Website (Silver), W3
  • TV Website (Best in Show), W3

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