JOMO ("Joy Of Missing Out") is a term that describes enthusiasts who are happy they missed out on a plummeting coin or trade. It is the opposite of having a fear of missing out (FOMO). [1][2]


The term JOMO is often used by investors who don’t invest in at all (often called "no-coiners") who declare their happiness that they are not involved in cryptocurrencies, usually when prices are declining or a scam  (initial coin offering) is revealed. In crypto trading, JOMO stems from not following the herd and avoiding a potentially significant loss. [3][2]

The value of cryptocurrencies can fluctuate over short periods, and there is often hype and speculation surrounding various coins and projects. This can create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) among investors, who may feel pressure to buy into a particular coin or project to avoid missing out on potential gains. [2][1] JOMO reflects the idea of finding satisfaction and contentment in not constantly participating in every online or -related activity, trend, or investment, and instead, enjoying the present moment without feeling the pressure to be constantly connected or involved. It emphasizes the value of taking breaks and being selective in one's crypto engagements rather than following the anxiety of missing out on something. [1]

The JOMO Effect NFT

The JOMO Effect NFT collection is a project created by Peace Inside Live, a group of content creators, digital artists, and mental health and wellness advocates. The collective was formed during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which coincided with the initial surge of the NFT market. [4][5]

Launched on May 10, 2023, JOMO Effect is a collection of 40 digital art collectibles by various artists with a focus on wellness and mental health. The project was made available via the Magic Eden marketplace and minted on the  scaling network, . [6][7]

The collection of JOMO Effect NFTs includes works by various artists and partners such as Deepak Chopra’s Seva Love project, Time magazine’s TimePieces, House of First, Jeremy Fall, Jana Stern, Brittany Pierre, Coco Stardust, Dr. Lemny Perez, Jimena Buena Vida, Kira Bursky, and Kristina Flynn. If collectors purchase at least five JOMO Effect NFTs, they will receive a special edition Adam Bomb Squad NFT for every set of five. Collectors who manage to collect all 40 unique NFTs will receive extra perks, including tickets to events hosted by TimePieces and House of First. [4][7]

"I have spent a lifetime advocating for mental health and wellness, and the JOMO Effect has been an incredible opportunity to make an impact on a large scale in this way,” Peace Inside Live Web3 Manager Jana Stern told Decrypt. [4]

The JOMO Effect was also created in partnership with Deepak Chopra’s Seva Love and the Chopra Foundation to offer mental health-focused benefits for NFT holders, including an exclusive online meditation with Chopra. [6][7]

“We want people to understand their impact from supporting a project like this. Not only are you getting a beautiful piece of art that’s typically worth probably 1 ETH+ for some of our artists, but you’re giving back—and then you’re getting back something for yourself.” -
Peace Inside Live co-founder Shira Lazarstated. [4]


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