Kanpai Pandas

Kanpai Pandas is an Omnichain project that consists of a collection of 10,000 hand-drawn NFTs that are randomly generated and stylized, and are spread across seven different chains, including , , , AVAX, , , and chains. The project's name, Kanpai, which means "Cheers" in Japanese, reflects the project's lighthearted and joyous nature. Owning a Kanpai Panda NFT grants holders access to an exclusive club that offers high-end experiences such as private parties, sporting events, concerts, and other sought-after entertainment events. [1][2]


Kanpai Labs, the team behind the project,  developed and launched Kanpai Pandas using the technology provided by Labs, an Omnichain Interoperability Protocol that facilitates secure message passing across different chains. The technology is backed by several prominent investment groups, including , , Spartan, and DeFi Capital. [2]

Kanpai Panda VIP passes provide exclusive access to events and parties, and each pass can only be used for a single event/party. These passes can also be traded on the secondary marketplace. As more events take place, VIP passes will be distributed to Kanpai Panda holders through airdrops. The Kanpai Panda team is committed to ensuring that users receive the greatest value from their investment. Being a VIP Pass holder grants access to premium services provided by the Kanpai Panda family, which includes a wide range of entertainment options, ranging from intimate, exclusive venues to larger events open to all Kanpai Panda holders. [2]

Infinity Collection

The Kanpai Pandas Infinity ♾ collection is designed for Kanpai Panda holders from every available mintable chain, such as Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, BNB, Fantom, and Avalanche. To ensure the presence of Infinity Sets, a Snapshot of wallet addresses will be taken on September 28th at 12 PM EST. The Infinity Collection is a spin-off from the original series, which produces 250 Infinity Pandas NFTs. [3]


The core team of Kanpai Pandas is composed of: [4]

  • ICE BAGZ, who has experience in the business field and has been working full time on the crypto space since 2018.
  • SAIDSEVEN, an expert in digital media, with more than 15 years of experience working for top agencies and developing campaigns, branding, and experiences for major brands such as Alienware, BMW, Burger King, and Patron.
  • FATEME, the illustrator of all the collection’s NFTs
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Kanpai Pandas


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