Tong Pow

Tong Pow is the Co-founder and CEO of Hologram Labs, the company behind the -based AI and 3D entertainment social network, . [1][3]


Tong Pow attended the University of Pennsylvania for a Bachelor's in Computer Science and Philosophy between 2015 and 2019. In January 2020, he also obtained a certification in Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioner from Amazon. [1]


In 2018, Tong Pow served as a Software Development Engineering Intern at Amazon Web Services. In July 2019, he moved to the role of Software Engineer II at Bright Machines where he was until April 2021. In August 2021, he began a new role at 0x Labs as a Product Engineer until 2022. [2]

Hologram Labs

Tong Pow started Hologram Labs in February 2022 alongside co-founder and he serves as the CEO of the company. Hologram Labs stands at the forefront of next-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) social technology providers, collaborating with brands, online communities, and content creators to create distinct digital identities in the form of digital avatars. The company raised $6.5 million 7 months before its launch. [4][5]

In January 2024, Hologram Labs launched its innovation, . [4]

is a decentralized AI character marketplace and social platform where users can create intelligent AI bots with a few clicks. Holoworld AI integrates entertainment, education, and the creator economy within a social platform. It offers a range of features including the creation of 3D AI characters, AI chat companionship, and a marketplace for trading AI agents, wearables, and other in-world assets. [4]

Holoworld is backed by well-known investors and institutions such as , Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, the Founder of BRC20 Domo, the Co-Founder of  , a VP of Engineering at OpenAI, Kalos, founder of Parallel NFT; Richard Ma, founder of ; and Naveen Jain, founder of Yat Labs. [5]

“Think of it as a machine learning model compressed and deployed to the browser. The technology has only been achievable in the last few years, with the speed and efficiency to run in real time,” explains Pow[5]

wikiCTO Hongzi Mao (left); CEO Tong Pow (right)

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Tong Pow

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