Wanchain is a public the supports the development of using Solidity. Wanchain supports ring signature-based private transactions and decentralized cross-chain functionality.[1][2]


Wanchain is a blockchain infrastructure featuring cross-chain interoperability, privacy, and full smart-contract functionality. Public or private blockchains can integrate with Wanchain to establish connections between different ledgers and perform inter-ledger asset transfers. The Wanchain network runs on a ("PoS") consensus Algorithm. The Wanchain token can be used for staking for PoS and cross-Chain bridging nodes, as well as for transaction fees.[3][4]

Supported Tokens

WAN Token

WAN or Wancoin is the native currency of Wanchain. All Wanchain transactions, cross-chain transactions, and smart contracts are powered by WAN. WAN is also used as a stake in Wanchain's Proof-of-Stake system and also serves as a bond for Wanchain's cross-chain Storeman nodes. WAN and Wanchain based tokens are not tokens.[5]

Wan Wallet

Wanchain's first official desktop light wallet, Wan Wallet, is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux and currently supports the following features:

  • WAN asset management ;
  • Standard transfer and receive transactions ;
  • Making and managing delegations under Galaxy Consensus Proof of Stake ;
  • Ledger hardware wallet support ;
  • Staking support ;
  • Multi-crypto asset management support ;
  • Private transactions ;
  • Cross-chain transactions.[6]


Wanchain was founded by Jack Lu, a respected player in the blockchain space. Before his current role, Lu co-founded Factom and started Wanglu Tech, a blockchain application development company. Wanglu Tech has been a primary contributor to the open-source Wanchain project.

  • Li Ni (VP of Operations)
  • Weijia Zhang (VP of Engineering)
  • Steven He (VP of Business Development)
  • James Zhu (Director of Engineering)
  • Gabriel Guo (Director of App Development)
  • Nicholas Krapels (Director of Growth and Strategy)
  • Noah Maizels (Director of Communications)
  • Bryan Ye (Director of Marketing)



  • Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

  • Hyperledger

  • BBAA

  • Blockchain Interoperability Alliance

  • Wandarin

  • Tsinghua X-Lab

  • Public Chain Technology Alliance

  • Beijing Institute of Technology

Blockchain Incubators

  • BitTemple

  • Longhash

  • FoundationX

Service Providers

  • Portal Network

  • Formosa Financial

  • Kronos


  • Ledger

  • Trezor

  • Trust Wallet


  • MakerDAO

  • Gemini Dollar

  • USD Coin

  • TrueUSD

Technology Partners

  • PUC

  • Loopring

  • Pundi X

  • 0xcert

  • Litex

  • ChainLink

  • Open Source Exchange Network

  • BAT

  • Morpheus Labs

  • Orion Protocol


  • Bitkub

  • Bitrue

  • DragonEx

  • Binance

  • KuCoin

Enterprise Partners

  • ElevenPaths

  • Hui Mei Hui

  • iQunxing


  • Wetez

  • MatPool

  • Keystore


  • Bitrue

  • Validators.Online

  • HashQuark

  • SNZ Holding

  • EOS Bepal

  • Prestige IT

  • Ztake

  • Chainlayer

  • Cypher Core

  • MangoBerry

  • Staking Rewards[7]

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