Ducks with Attitude


Some Ducks with Attitude (D.W.A) chilling by the pool with Ducks chicks.


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Who are these Ducks?

The Ducks With Attitudes tagged DWA is a [9] project which is a PFPs project similar to the likes of [10][11], [12], this project is a collection of over 5000 hand drawn ducks living on the  blockchain with exactly 1477 PFPs currently listed on , these PFPs were created on July 2022. As regards more information about the description of the project, the official website reads thus:

The DWA is a gang that comprises of hustlers, hitmen, pimps, dealers and artists. From peddling on the edge of the Pond to high end crime, they have caught the attention of the DSL (special forces) and are being tracked.

Some members of the gang are using music as a way to escape. Ice Duck, Duck Mc, Eazy D, Yella Bird & Dr. Ducky are working on their debut album “Straight Outta The Pond” and is yet to hit the music platforms and have a lead single “High Duckz” set to premier in August

On the official website this was tagged: The journey of D.W.A [1]**

Furthermore, as an additional description, the Project's description on  NFT marketplace reads thus:

Duckz Wit Attitude is 5,000 Collection of Duckz living on the Solana Blockchain. Over 100 hand drawn traits to make every Duck unique in its own way. The art depicts early 90’s hiphop / gang era with a modern day twist. The collection centers around 5 main characters that are leaders of the gang. Forcing a rebellion against the hierarchy and broke away from a gang syndicate on the quest to rule ‘The Pond’. Duckz Wit Attitudes - merging art, music and crypto into a one of a kind collection.[2]

Listings? Value systems? Creation?

According to  the  were created July 2022 on the  chain in the category of PFPs. The project allowed willing investors to whitelist  by the use of distributed SPL tokens that are named "Duck skull tokens". These SPL tokens allowed investors mint a discounted price of the DWA NFTs.

Another important utility that is worthy of mentioning is the $BWEED utility token that is proposed to be used for raffles, mints, swaps etc. [1]

Other utilities in the ecosystem includes its own DAO, typical and similar to the likes of [3][4][5][6][7][8][13], though proposed voting within ecosystems may differ, the DWA NFT album, where NFT album would be produced and any holder can participate and profits realized would be given back to the , there is also provision of commercial rights to holders can be used for merchandising, derivative works, comics, art etc.…last but not the least is staking which would give holders full benefits of the ecosystem, strengthening the ponds community and network through the ecosystem's tokens.[1]

Other similar Ducks project

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Ducks with Attitude

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March 19, 2023

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The official open sea link for the project was changed from a dapple account


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