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Hailstone Labs is a growing venture studio based in Hong Kong. The company consists of a global team of researchers, engineers, designers, and operators building the next digital economy, aiming to accelerate the evolution of Web3 through the use of technology. [5]


Hailstone Labs is a research-driven company that focuses on investing in builders in the Web 3.0 space. Hailstone collaborates with early-stage projects where they can make a substantial impact. They plan to provide product-market-fit, go-to-market strategy, engineering services, and tokenomics design to accelerate the growth of the projects. In addition, the company was admitted to the Hong Kong Science Park Incubation Program in 2022. [1]

Hailstone Labs upholds core values of innovation, embracing new ideas and perspectives, ownership, prioritizing outcomes over tasks, and collaboration, fostering an environment where ideas are shared and challenged to achieve the best possible results. Their mission-driven approach encompasses three key steps: identify, invent, and incubate. Firstly, their research team aims to identify emerging Web 3.0 paradigms and empowers their venture building capabilities. Secondly, they take an active role in designing and developing their own protocols, transforming ideas into cutting-edge innovations and compelling brands. Finally, Hailstone Labs operates and scales their products to maturity, with dedicated product managers driving execution and creating opportunities for their incubatees to thrive in any market. [6][7]



Hailstone Labs partnered with the Society of Actuaries (SOA) [2] to conduct research and analyze risk by using modeling and data analysis techniques for a variety of applications in different fields. A report titled “Actuarial Innovation & Technology Research Report” [3] was published in March 2022 that introduces actuaries to and helps develop a solid understanding of DeFi. It provides a comprehensive analysis on the key characteristics, applications, opportunities, and risks of DeFi, discussing the potential adoption of DeFi and its interaction with TradFi.

HK DeFi Night

On April 20, 2023, Hailstone Labs collaborated with and Baboon VC to host a Hong Kong Night. The event lasted for 3 hours, allowing people to network and grow the and community in Hong Kong and was hosted in partnership with , Wombat, The Spartan Group, and DeFi_Cheetah; and multiple media partners. [8][9]

OneDegree Group Investment

On July 18, 2023, Hailstone Labs, announced a strategic investment in OneDegree Group, an InsurTech firm operating across Asia. Together, they aim to leverage Hong Kong's digital economy to improve their technology, focusing on establishing standards and nurturing development talents in . OneDegree Group, known for its role in digital asset insurance, offers tailored risk management solutions, to assist digital asset service providers in safeguarding against security incidents. [10]

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Hailstone Labs


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