Treasureland (founded in 2020) is an NFT marketplace created by the developers of DEGO Finance and the largest NFT trading market on the . It has a complete NFT ecosystem including NFT casting, mining, crafting, auction, trading, and more.[1][2]


Treasureland is a multi-chain  marketplace that allows users to mint their artwork and list it on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It will bridge the transactions between users and DeFi programs.[4][5]
The Treasureland NFT marketplace was created by the developers behind DEGO Finance. DEGO was launched in September of 2020 and is focused on building cross-chain systems.[6][7]

The launch of Treasureland V1 was actually a part of DEGO's Q4 2020 roadmap. When the platform first launched, it utilized Ethereum (ETH), however, it later transitioned into BSC after several users complained about the high gas fees. So with BSC, the users are able to use much lower transaction fees.

Treasureland Market builds a unique frictionless trading platform that enables users to enjoy the fun of gold mining in their marketplace. This multichain NFT Issuance is empowering users to mint NFTs with just a click. Through the platform, they can easily buy, sell, auction, or mine NFTs.

Treasureland offers a unique blend which includes:

  • Stand-alone but open NFT ecosystem that allows anyone to issue NFT, initiate mining, auction, trading, etc.
  • NFT protocol that acts as a cross-chain Layer 2 Infrastructure to Blockchain projects for user acquisition, token distribution, and various diverse NFT applications.


The launch of Treasureland's version 1 was part of DEGO’s Q4 2020 roadmap, DEGO had plans to optimize the platform in the first quarter of 2021. A cross-chain development plan is set for the second quarter of 2021, while the third quarter could see testing on the Degochain.
wikiAt the time of launch, Treasureland marketplace held an airdrop of BSC NFT tokens. Users can collect NFTs from Treasureland Marketplace by trading BSC NFT tokens or by using certain cryptocurrencies like BNB or DEGO. Another alternative is the ability to mine BSC NFT tokens.

Treasuerland allows a new user to connect his wallet to the Marketplace. It supports multiple wallets like , MathWallet (MATH), SafePal (SFP), Trust Wallet, TokenPocket, and ONTO wallet.


With Treasureland, the users can see the current price of the artwork and a basic approximate USD value (depending on cryptocurrency current market rate). In addition, they provide more information on the page which includes the ID number, the block number in which the NFT is minted, the time of creation, and a link to the owner and seller.
wikiWhen selecting an NFT, the user can see everything necessary about their NFT which includes the price, the seller, the block number, the creation time, and more.

Buying NFTs on Treasureland

To buy NFTs on Treasureland, users can only do so by holding the supported cryptos to trade. The platform currently supports BNB. So if users want to buy NFTs on Treasureland, they must hold BNB.

  • Enter Treasureland, connect to the wallet (Binance Smart Chain).
  • Via the search bar, find the NFT wish to purchase on the Treasureland.
  • Click the NFT to enter the purchase interface, then click the “BUY” button. (Make sure to have enough BNB in your wallet.)
  • The checkout screen will appear, click the “Checkout” button.
  • After the gas settings interface pops up, click the “Confirm” button (Generally, use the default gas).
  • After confirming the transaction is successful, click “BACK TO ACCOUNT” to return to your account to see the purchased NFT.

Selling NFTs on Treasureland

To sell an NFT on Treasureland is simple. A user just needs to go to their available NFTs for sale and simply “Unlock for Sale”. Once that is done, the user will just need to approve it on their MetaMask or whatever wallet application that they are using.

After the transaction goes through, the button will change to “Sale”. Then just press on the “Sale” button and input your price of the NFT. Simply, hit “Confirm”. They will then be able to see the user’s token visible under the “On Sale” tab.

  • Enter Treasureland, connect to the wallet (Binance Smart Chain)
  • Find the NFT you want to sell in “Account”.
  • Click “NFT” to enter the NFT interface, click the “SALE” button. (Prepare enough BNB for gas in the wallet.)
  • After the gas settings interface pops up, click the “confirm” button (Generally, use the default gas).
  • Return to the NFT product interface. Step 1 (number 1): click on the “SALE” button, a dialog box will appear. Step2 (number 2): enter the selling price. Step3:(number 3) click on the “Confirm” button.
  • After the gas settings interface pops up, click the “Confirm” button (Generally, use the default gas).
  • When the listing is complete, you can see in the Account interface that the NFT for sale is “ON SALE” status. Then just wait for the buyer to purchase NFT and complete the transaction.

Minting an NFT on Treasureland

  • Enter: https://v2.treasureland.marke
  • Find the“submit”and click “Create NFT”
  • Click [sign in], and click [Sign] to complete the signature authorization in the wallet pop-up dialog box.
  • Enter the NFT creation interface.

Step 1: Choose to create single or multiple NFTs.

Step 2: Upload the NFT file to be created from local.

Step 3: Fill in the NFT name, description, and add attribute information at number 3. Preview the NFT at number 4.

Step 4: Click [Create NFT] to create an NFT.

  • After creation, click [View] to see the NFT you created in the account, you can also opt to sell NFT by clicking [Sale].

Marketplace Fees

When users make a trade at any NFT Marketplace, they might charge the user a commission. However, Treasureland Marketplace levies a transaction fee or gas fee. A high gas fee on the Ethereum blockchain was one of the primary reasons why Treasureland transitioned to the Binance Smart Chain, so these fees are less of an issue here than they are elsewhere.


They have long-term cooperation with some well-known companies or institutions around the world to promote the development of the NFT ecosystem. Companies like , Binance Charity, MathWallet (MATH), Bounce, APRON, Phala Network, NFT For Good, Qian Protocol, Alpaca (ALPA), Mask Wallet, , Cocos Blockchain Expenditure, Seascape Network, , and VIDT among others.

Treasureland x NFTWorldArt

Treasureland x Seascape

Treasureland announced on the 24th of June, 2021 their partnership with Seascape Network on an NFT Summer Trading campaign. This campaign began oficially on Friday 25th of June 2021, users were to get TRADING with their Scapes with $Dego & Treasureland. Every 3 trades (buy/sell) will earn users a ticket in the raffle and a shot at winning an exclusive epic Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

Treasureland x CryptoTycoon

Treasureland has collaborated with CryptoTycoon, which is a DeFi light gaming platform based on the Binance smart chain.

FishSwap is a BSC fishing game developed by CryptoTycoon. This game combines DeFi, NFT and Mystery box gameplay. Players can open Mystery boxes in the game to obtain NFT fishing rod cards with different attributes.

The fishing rod NFT of FishSwap in CryptoTycoon will be auctioned, sold and exchanged through Treasureland.

Treasureland x Free Spark

Treasureland has collaborated with Free Spark, which is the first music brand in China focusing on NFT. It is incubated and established by spark music, a music copyright service platform with more than 600000 RF music library resources.

Free Spark will provide more support to Tresureland in the field of NFT. The two sides will further cooperate in NFT and other fields, as well as cooperation between the project and artists.

Treasureland x Mozik

Treasureland has collaborated with Mozik, a decentralized music NFT platform. Mozik will provide more support for Tresureland in the field of NFT. Treasureland, together with Mozik, will create a new, healthy and transparent music ecosystem. Both sides will establish further cooperation and also provides more possibilities for cooperation between the project and artists.

Treasureland x KAKA NFT WORLD

Treasureland has collaborated with KAKA NFT WORLD, which is a game NFT+DeFi ecological platform. KAKA NFT WORLD will make blockchain games more valuable, It will provide more support for Treasureland in the field of NFT, and both parties will establish close cooperation in the field of DeFi+NFT.

Treasureland x VEGA Ventures

Treasureland has collaborated with VEGA NFT, an NFT artist incubation group under a crypto fund named VEGA ventures, dedicated to incubation and cooperation with NFT artists. VEGA NFT will keep supporting Tresureland with artworks and talented young artists. The two parties will establish close cooperation in the field of NFT and pursue more possibilities of cooperation between NFT-related projects and artists.

Treasureland has collaborated with FM Gallery, a blockchain-based distribution platform for NFT artworks.

This partnership will allow FM Gallery and Treasureland to introduce the best NFT artworks to more art lovers and collectors through innovative sales, while enabling rare blockchain-based asset trading experiences on one of the most active NFT marketplaces.

“We are pleased to partner with Treasureland,” said FM Flora Peng, founder of FM Gallery. “This partnership will allow us to introduce more NFT art pieces to collectors around the world. FM Gallery is now connected with Treasureland, and we’d like to invite all art lovers to check out our upcoming brand-new blind boxes.”

NFTs Sold Out Within A Minute on Treasureland

The famous Chinese musician Hanjin Tan released his first music NFTs on Treasureland. Hanjin Tan is an award-winning singer/producer/actor, Hong Kong film award winner in 2011.[3]

The sale of his NFTs was limited to 77, and the single music NFT is worth 7 BNB. All NFTs were sold out within 1 minute, with a total amount of 539 BNB (about 200,000 dollars).

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