AmaZix is a service provider for projects, focused on offering Community Management services. They support startups and established projects alike, contributing to their growth and success in the space. [1]


Founded in 2017, AmaZix specializes in offering services tailored to the distinctive needs of blockchain projects. Their team of Community Managers are employed by other projects to foster an active and trustworthy community, and their legal team provides guidance to ensure project adherence to regulatory standards. AmaZix aims to expand their blockchain marketing solutions for , , and markets, envisioning a future where technology is fully integrated into society. [1][2]


Community Management

AmaZix provides community moderation services, aiming to increase engagement within the community whilst maintaining professionalism. Their main services include: [1][3]

  • Live Chat Support and 24/7 Engagement: AmaZix provides continuous community engagement on platforms such as Telegram and Discord, as well as providing round-the-clock live chat support.
  • Channel Management: AmaZix ensures vigilant channel oversight, maintaining at least two moderators available around the clock.
  • 24/7 Scam and Spam Protection: AmaZix's proprietary Moderation Bot guards against scams and spam, with clients benefitting off of a shared blacklist of known spam accounts.
  • Discord Server Setup and Security Audit: AmaZix offers tailored Discord server setup, configuration, and security audits aligned with crypto and web3 standards.

AmaZix also offers legal advisory for projects, ensuring regulatory compliance and client interests. Specialized areas include: [4]

  • Legal Due Diligence for Marketing: AmaZix analyzes token sale documents, evaluating viable marketing strategies within regulatory boundaries.
  • Chief Legal Officer as-a-Service: AmaZix provides continuous legal advice through experienced experts, enhancing project legal foundation.
  • Legal Project Management: AmaZix addresses legal complexities, from identifying requirements to coordinating external legal professionals.
  • Legal Drafting: AmaZix crafts precise agreements, disclaimers, and documents, reducing ambiguity and legal risks.
  • Corporate Structure: AmaZix offers insights into effective corporate setups, considering shareholdings, token sales, and business models for long-term success.

Client Portfolio


AmaZix's Community Managers streamline a Discord campaign for Avarik, diligently tracking and rewarding authentic participation. By coordinating entries and distributing roles for earned badges, AmaZix ensures smooth execution and engagement, contributing to the success of the drop. [5]


AmaZix assists ArtMeta in guiding its community by deploying Community Management teams. AmaZix's support helps inform and engage the community throughout ArtMeta's progress, contributing to a nurturing environment and safeguarding against scams. [5]


AmaZix aids Bancor in maintaining effective communication during a challenging market phase, providing ongoing training to Community Managers for robust engagement. By facilitating open discussions, addressing concerns, and prompt support, AmaZix contributes to a well-informed and supportive community. [5]

Casper Labs

AmaZix supports in managing over 100k registrations, vigilantly addressing scams, crashes, and concerns within a comprehensive 24/7 support framework. The collaborative approach with AmaZix ensures clear communication, informed decision-making, and a thriving community. [5]


AmaZix takes charge of streamlining communications and conflict resolution across Ecomi's extensive community platforms, including Telegram, Discord, and the app. By offering prompt assistance, maintaining a constructive environment, and mitigating scammers, AmaZix fosters healthy engagement. [5]

NFT Champions

AmaZix establishes an organized Discord server for NFT Champions, ensuring an engaged and informed community. Community Management sweeps out scammers and spam, creating a secure environment for users to interact, receive genuine support, and engage with the project. [5]


AmaZix adeptly manages 's Discord, Telegram, and website ticketing system, ensuring a dynamic community engagement. By directing support inquiries to the ticketing system and channeling relevant interactions appropriately, AmaZix enhances user assistance. [5]

World Mobile Chain

AmaZix aids World Mobile Chain in raising awareness among the crypto audience for a token sale. The deployment of a PPC Brave ads campaign and proficient community management bolsters visibility and engagement. Resulting in over 2 million impressions and a successful token sale. [5]

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