Kartin Wong

Kartin Jiatian Wong is the Co-founder of , a verifiable  protocol that brings AI and complex computation on-chain. [1][2][3]


After graduating from the University of Arizona, Kartin Wong started his career in 2019 as a machine learning engineer intern at IQVIA — a provider of advanced analytics, technology solutions, and clinical research services. [1][4]

In August 2020, he served as a Software Engineer at Google, and in September 2021 he joined TikTok as the Tech Lead for SRE Infra. [1][2]


Kartin Wong co-founded formerly known as HyperOracle in September 2022. His experience as a software engineer at Google and TikTok sparked his interest in technology and . [5]

ORA offers an on-chain protocol (zkOracle protocol) that handles arbitrary computations for  . With two main products — AI Oracle (OAO) and ZK Oracle, Ora positions itself as an  solution for developers, offering practical AI Oracle functionality usable on . Additionally, their ZK Oracle is trustless and solely cryptography-based. [3]

"Hyper Oracle is a programable ZK Oracle protocol and it's basically fully on-chain and we also use CKP to ensure all the Oracle data and computation is correct. By doing it this way, we can have a fully decentralized and 100% safe Oracle" - Kartin described[6]

On plans for Ora Protocol in the future, Kartin hopes for a platform that can validate any data point on the planet. By enabling a multitude of features using zkOracles, they aim to spearhead DeFi 3.0. Through zkOracles, the business hopes to uncover new features and close the gap between Web2 and Web3. Kartin also anticipates that zkOracles will be used extensively across a range of asset classes, especially in real-world assets (RWA). [5]

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Kartin Wong

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