Terry Tai

Terry Tai is the CEO and co-founder of the , a structured to prioritize decentralization and offer minimalism, flexibility, and security. [1]


Tai graduated from Sichuan University, Jinchen College, with a BS in Computer Science in 2009. [1]


While attending university, Tai worked as a Ruby engineer at Omniquest International until April 2010. He then held the same position at Intridea, a web and mobile application development company, until May 2012, when he co-founded, a project management tool with real-time collaboration for small businesses and teams, and worked there until June 2014. During this time, he co-founded and hosted, a Chinese technical podcast for developers, with . [2]

In June 2014, Tai worked as a core developer for Yunbi, a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, until June 2015, when he co-founded Baoquan, a one-stop service platform for e-data attestation and development. There, he worked as a project manager and developer until June 2016. He then worked as the chief architect on the Zhiren project, working on backend architecture and system design until June 2017. Tai later joined Cryptape, a research and engineering consultancy founded by , and worked as the CPO until January 2018, when he co-founded with , , , and . [2]

Nervos Network

In an interview with CryptoMurmur, Tai discussed the and its early development stages, and the community, starting with his thoughts on what makes community “unique”: [3]

is still in an early stage. Supporting & contributing to a fresh new project is a very cool and adventurous undertaking. I would describe our community members as a group of futurists with an adventurous spirit.”

He also shared his thoughts on other communities: [3]

“I highly respect both the and communities. Moreover, one of our co-founders was on the research team of , and contributed a lot to the consensus protocol implementation and Python client. Although the community supports both philosophical ideas in different ways,  those two communities stand very much on their own merits in terms of research, ideology, and so on, which I admire.”

“Just like the open source community. Both developers and advocates from the beginning are still playing very important roles right now, even though a lot of big companies have joined the game. No matter when, the values established by the early members are critical.”

When asked how sets itself apart from competitors, Tai responded: [3]

“Nervos, in our design concept, differs from other public projects in many ways. Flexible Support for Primitives, no need for a . Our Layer1 protocol CKB doesn’t use an account model. Instead, we use a -like model called a Cell Model. It has a better Interop. It can take advantage of tech like . Our Layer1 protocol CKB uses . is not a single , it’s a layered architecture including both Layer1 & protocols.”

At the end of the interview, he shared his thoughts on the future of and : [3]

“Let me just describe this in one point of view - Trust Boundary. In today’s world, trust is incredibly valuable, but there are barriers to trust. Trust exists mostly within the boundaries of families, tiny teams, and firms, not giant companies and nations. A way out? Yes, through technology, that breaks through whatever trust barriers to raise the bilateral cooperation efficiency and strengthen human beings’ collaborative relationship. Don’t you think it sufficient for us to see a more prosperous future via technology?”

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Terry Tai

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