USDX is a built on the — a cross-chain  platform offering collateralized loans and  to users of major assets. [1][3]


USDX is a pegged to the US Dollar. It has three primary use cases on the which are margin trading, hedging, and payments. Anyone can mint USDX by depositing their crypto assets into the protocol. USDX is minted when a Kava CDP (Collateralized Debt Position) is opened. [2][4]

The (assets must always be overcollateralized) is determined by the risk profile associated with the various assets and the exact value of USDX is determined by market forces. Rewards in Kava are distributed proportionally every week to users who mint USDX. [1][2]

The USDX stablecoin denominates the borrow balances drawn from the Kava lending platform. A user can supply or other to , borrow USDX, and exchange that USDX for other assets, goods, or services. Once the USDX is repaid to Kava, the user regains full access to their supplied BTC. [2][3]


Kava is a platform that utilizes Interledger to integrate various blockchain networks, which allows new users to access this group of different networks. Through Kava, a wallet user can send payments cross-chain and complete asset swaps right within the wallet. To provide its services, Kava utilizes the USDX  alongside the KAVA token, which is used for voting and governance. [3]

In addition, exchanges can likewise use the Kava solution to permit users to retain control over their resources while transacting directly with the exchange's order book. Kava's cryptocurrency swap application allows for the nearly instantaneous swap of , even those based on different blockchains. [3][5]

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