Share is a search engine and aggregator for the ecosystem. The platform integrates AI to support the Web3 community and facilitate the onboarding of users into Web3. [1]


In early 2023, integrated with and the . This integration enables users to look up any domain address on both Ethereum and Arbitrum, facilitating the analysis of on-chain and off-chain data and transaction tracking. It also displays readable domains, like a domain, on the two blockchain networks instead of showing long wallet addresses. [2]

Furthermore, the Web3 Passport, focusing on users' notable moments and achievements, serves as a dedicated gateway to a space where it offers a snapshot of social media integration, resume creation, and personal brand. [2] announced the release of its Web3 Passport on August 1st, 2023. This product allows users to personalize their identity and virtual avatar. Web3 Passport integrates and manages social media links, emphasizing users' content. also offers a service for generating Passport sharing pages to simplify sharing. [3]

On August 14th, introduced a Name Pre A Public Sale, enabling users to acquire their domain names. Additionally, they launched the Referral Incentive Program, allowing users to generate a referral link for the opportunity to earn commissions as rewards. [4]

Web3 Passport

Web3 Passport is an ecosystem credential that facilitates the connection between Web2 and Web3. It includes a Profile and a Decentralized Identifier (DID) named "Web3ite Pass," with each Passport corresponding to a domain name on [5]

Designed for both individual users and projects/organizations, the Web3 Passport symbolically represents the identity of Web3 and functions as a hub for content display. The associated domain, like "," provides unique value through visibility and circulation within the Web3 community. [5]

Web3 Passport allows holders to create and edit profiles, showcasing various on-chain and off-chain information. This includes personal or organizational pages, wallet addresses, collections of , and creative works. [5]

Web3ite Passport is an NFT launched on the Ethereum mainnet. is registered with the protocol, allowing holders to use their domains as on-chain identities in ENS-enabled Apps. [5]

Web3 Passport holders can purchase domains with names that adhere to specific criteria: [6]

  • Length: The name can be between 3 and 20 characters.
  • Character Set: Name characters can include uppercase and lowercase English letters, numbers 0-9, and hyphen "-".
  • Case Insensitivity: Letter case is ignored when determining duplicate names. For example, the names "Abc", "ABC", "abc", and "ABc" will be considered as duplicate names and cannot be purchased.
  • Hyphen Usage: The hyphen "-" cannot be the first or last character, and it cannot be used consecutively within the name.
  • Reserved Names: Some names are in a reserved status, primarily those associated with well-known project names, and are not available for purchase.
  • Release Policy: In the early stage, the platform follows a policy of periodically releasing Web3ite Pass domain names, indicating that new domain names become available over time.

Following purchase, the owner retains perpetual use of the domain name. However, after one year from the last purchase or renewal, the owner must manually renew the domain within a 30-day grace period, at no cost. Failure to do so will result in the domain name being released for others to purchase. [6]

Reserved and Premium Names

Domain names listed on the reservation form must be claimed within one year from the commencement of the public sale. Failure to do so will result in the expiration of benefits associated with these domain names, and they will become publicly available. [7]

Premium names have special meanings, which are reserved and are released through auctions or special events. Words that are part of this category include: token, , wallet, coins, , stake, layer2, gas, , exchange, , chains, pay, net, time, sport, invest, bank, fund, money, flights, fashion, culture, retail, auto, game, internet, catering, media, music, finance, law, weather, market, news, food, coffee, restaurants. maps, hotel, subway, fitness, pizza, cat, and dog. [8]

Blue Badge Verification

The Blue Badge Verification indicates that the displayed content on the webpage is endorsed by the authorized entity linked to the Web3 Passport holder. It is available for projects, communities, DAOs, professionals, and influential individuals who meet the eligibility criteria for verification and obtaining the Blue Badge. [9]

Clicking on the Blue Badge Verification allows users to access verification information, including the verified entity's name and description. The verification name corresponds to the entity undergoing verification, whether it's a project, community, or individual. The description provides clarity on the type of page, outlining the page holder for project or organizational pages and describing the individual's identity for individual pages. [9]

Web3 Explore

Web3 Explore is a smart information search engine for Web3. Users can navigate through the web3 ecosystem, where they can review project names, descriptions, and purposes, facilitating access to knowledge in web3. [1]

Web3 Explore is designed for the Web3 ecosystem, combining one-stop information retrieval with on-chain data. The platform emphasizes asset security, aiming to prevent users from accessing fraudulent websites and falling victim to phishing scams and financial losses. [10]

Web3 Analytics

Web3 Analytics provides a comprehensive on-chain data dashboard covering various aspects, including different blockchains, tokens, and . It specializes in in-depth data analysis and insights into specific ecosystems within the Web3 space. The platform aims to offer users a thorough and intuitive view of on-chain data, helping them gain a deeper understanding of various fields and specific sub-ecosystems within the Web3 landscape. This facilitates well-informed decision-making and active participation in the Web3 ecosystem. [11][1]

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