Welshcorgicoin (Welsh)

Welshcorgicoin (Welsh) is a dog-themed that emerged in 2021 as the first meme coin to integrate with the network through the . It was created with the sole aim of becoming Stacks’ mascot and ambassador, helping onboard new users to the , and building new and exciting solutions for the ecosystem.[1]

On January 2, 2024 WELSH was listed on MEXC and is tradable on MEXC via a USDT/WELSH pair.[2]


Welshcorgicoin made its debut in 2021 as the first to integrate with the network through the , Bitcoin's premier . Despite this innovative approach, Welsh initially struggled to gain traction and adoption in the community. This challenging phase, marked by limited activity and development, persisted for over a year, leading to the project being abandoned by its founding team, who sold all their tokens.[3]
wikiHowever, the $STX community stepped in and revitalized the project, setting the stage for significant potential growth. In 2023, Welsh caught the attention of the community, driven by the efforts of its members. Recognizing the coin's untapped potential, these individuals launched a series of initiatives to revive Welsh, including strategic promotion, social media engagement, and meme marketing. The grassroots campaign by the community was instrumental in transforming Welsh from a dormant coin into one with an active and vibrant following.[1]

Welsh's primary goal is to cultivate a culture for supporting the growth of the Stacks ecosystem and contributing to the onboarding of new users. The project also aims to enhance its , expand its exchange listings, and deepen community engagement. Looking ahead, Welsh intends to maintain a significant presence in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, with plans for further technological integrations and advancements, particularly in anticipation of the Nakamoto upgrade on Stacks.[4][5]


$WELSH has a total and maximum supply of 10,000,000,000 tokens, with a fair distribution among its community members. This distribution, characterized by the minimal holding by the original developer, played a crucial role in facilitating its decentralized distribution. This aspect of the coin was instrumental in garnering community support, as it aligned with the ethos of decentralization prevalent in the space.[6]

$WELSH is also recognized as the first SIP10 asset to transition between layers, moving from down to L1 using @ALEXLabBTC and @XLinkbtc. This capability allows users to bridge $WELSH into a wrapped asset, $xWEL, thereby unlocking exposure to the ordinals ecosystem for L1 trading, storage, and . [8][11]

$WELSH can be traded on ALEX, a  exchange established in 2022, as well as MEXC and .[7]

Happy Welsh NFT Collection

2,000 unique collectible Welshs with proof of ownership stored on the Stacks blockchain. Happy Welsh is a “Non-Fungible Token” on Stacks, and each Happy Welsh was created as an SIP-009 standard token, that powers most digital art and collectibles on Bitcoin.


$WELSH operates on the , a decentralized protocol that empowers decentralized apps and to leverage Bitcoin as an asset and settle transactions on the . The Stacks layer uses Proof of Transfer (PoX), where miners bid with already-mined BTC for the opportunity to write new blocks on the Stacks layer and receive STX rewards. PoX functions similarly to Proof of Work (PoW), but instead of solving complex cryptographic puzzles, miners bid with , and the bid weight determines their chance of becoming a leader. This process harnesses the security of the Bitcoin chain and allows to reuse Bitcoin's work without significant additional energy consumption, as only standard laptops or computers are needed to bid using BTC.[9][10]

Welsh's technical framework, built on the platform, enables it to utilize the security features of the network. This integration sets Welsh apart in the realm of , providing it with a level of security and credibility that is often absent in similar tokens.[6]

How to buy WELSH

  • Step 1: Acquire STX from a Crypto Exchange: Start your journey by purchasing STX from a trusted exchange like , ByBit, or .
  • Step 2: Create a Stacks Wallet: Set up a Stacks wallet, such as Xverse or Leather, and transfer the acquired STX to your Stacks address.
  • Step 3: Connect Your Wallet to AlexLab: Head over to AlexLab and connect your wallet to get started.
  • Step 4: Swap STX for $WELSH: Swap the STX for $WELSH, ensuring to keep some STX for transaction fees. The slippage of 5-10% to increase the likelihood of a successful swap is suggested.

Buy from MEXC

To buy $WELSH from MEXC, you only need to follow a few steps. First, create a MEXC account if you haven't already. Then, deposit your funds into your account in the form of USDT. Once your funds are deposited, go to the Spot trading section on MEXC's platform. Search for $WELSH in the trading pairs list, and select the USDT/$WELSH pair. Finally, execute your trade to swap your USDT for $WELSH.

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Welshcorgicoin (Welsh)

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