IQ.WIKI Branding kit

Get easy acess to our brand toolkits and assests for easy usage across your site and other marketing purposes.

Bringing knowledge to the blockchain.

The branding kit is to help provide proper guidelines for the usage of the brand assests so as not to distort the representation of

We are honored to be mentioned in your content and would love to hear from you for any kind of partnership.


The logo for the IQ token is based on the brain, the original source of knowledge.

download as .SVG


The logo was inspired from BrainDAO to represent The World's Largest Blockchain & Crypto Encyclopedia.


BrainDAO's mission is to build a more intelligent future through the IQ token. The logo represents a DAO that is collectively made up of all IQ token stakers and governs the token.


Please beware of these things.

  • Do not use the IQ.Wiki logo in any way that suggests that we are sponsoring, endorsing or affliated to your project in any way.
  • The IQ wiki brain logo shouldn’t be reperesented with any other kind of brain except as stated above.
  • Do not in any way stretch or manipulate the logo.
  • Do not change the logo color asides the ones stated above.

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