We use blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to scale crypto knowledge.

IQ.wiki is the world's largest blockchain and cryptocurrency encyclopedia with thousands of wikis on all topics and branches of knowledge in the crypto space.

Bringing knowledge to the blockchain.

Our mission is to educate the world on blockchain technology

We are the primary source of objective, high-quality knowledge on the Internet today for everything related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Our vision is to make blockchain more discoverable and accessible around the world and empower users with the information they can trust.

For full transparency, every edit on IQ.wiki is recorded on the Polygon blockchain with the transaction hash stored on-chain. The data and images uploaded as part of each wiki are stored on the IPFS network and the hashes are included on each page for the users to verify.

IQ.wiki also integrates artificial intelligence in our mission to educate the world on blockchain technology. We use AI to scale our content and make it easier for knowledge to be shared. IQ.wiki integrates OpenAI’s GPT-4 for tasks including summarizing wiki articles.

Whether you’re new to the space, a shadowy super coder, a DeFi degen, ETH maxi, or an NFT flipper, IQ.wiki is the place to learn and share knowledge about the crypto space.

Bringing blockchain to the world

The most comprehensive blockchain and crypto knowledge base in the world provides users with thousands of wikis on everything from Bitcoin, NFTs, DAO’s and so much more.

Powered by the IQ token

IQ.wiki is a central part of the IQ ecosystem. The IQ token is the utility token of the encyclopedia.

Democratic Governance

IQ.wiki is fully Web3 with IQ token stakers governing and moderating the platform.


Meet our team

At IQ.wiki we are fortunate to have a passionate team of people with deep experience and knowledge in both the educational and blockchain industry.

César Rodríguez

César Rodríguez

Chief Technology Officer

A talented engineer, Cesar has more than 16 years of experience as a senior software engineer. Cesar has a Master’s Degree in computer science from IES La Carballeira.

Navin Vethanayagam

Navin Vethanayagam

Chief Brain

Navin first joined IQ.wiki formerly Everipedia as a founding team member at the age of 19, gaining experience over the years in community management, marketing, press, and international business. Navin has an HBA from Ivey Business School.

Theodor Forselius

Theodor Forselius


Theodor Forselius is a Swedish entrepreneur and programmer. He co-founded IQ.wiki at the age of 19. He currently serves as CEO of Brainfund which aims to advance the development of technologies in the education, AI and fintech sector. Brainfund is also the parent company of IQ.wiki.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence

IQ.wiki integrates artificial intelligence to scale our knowledge base. AI allows us to simplify routine tasks including summarizing wikis.

Animated Robot

A Little About Our History

The world’s largest blockchain encyclopedia wasn’t born overnight. IQ.wiki began as Everipedia, the “encyclopedia of everything”, in 2014 and became the world’s first blockchain encyclopedia in 2018 after launching the IQ token. In 2022, Everipedia expanded to the Polygon blockchain and rebranded as IQ.wiki.


In 2014, when Sam Kazemain and Theodor Forselius founded Everipedia in a UCLA dorm room. Travis Moore joined early on as a Co-founder and the company’s first Chief Technology Officer. Originally their vision for Everipedia was to be an “encyclopedia of everything,” a more modern alternative to Wikipedia. While today, the IQ token is known as a cryptocurrency, IQ began as a non-tradable points system that tracked editors' contributions on Everipedia.


In December 2017, we announced our plan for Everipedia to become the world’s first blockchain encyclopedia in an exclusive with Wired.


In February 2018, Everipedia raised $30 million from Galaxy Digital to build Everipedia into the world’s first blockchain encyclopedia. This raise and expansion were covered by several outlets including Engadget, Reuters, and Yahoo News. In July 2018, Everipedia turned its IQ points system into a real token. 51% of the IQ token supply was airdropped. In August, Everipedia made history by launching as the world’s first blockchain encyclopedia. 


Naturally, after Everipedia became a blockchain encyclopedia in 2018 the readership and editorship on Everipedia moved toward crypto content. In 2020, the Everipedia team continued its focus on blockchain innovation developing OraQles, a service that allows verified first parties to bring real-world information on-chain. On November 4, 2020, The Associated Press used the software to publish U.S. election race calls on Ethereum. This marked the first time a US election was called on the blockchain. The historic moment was covered by publications including Forbes, Coindesk and Nasdaq.


In 2022, Everipedia moved to the Polygon blockchain and rebranded as IQ.wiki. Along with the rebrand, we added several new Web3 features and integrations to serve the crypto community better. Over the past few years NFTs, DeFi, and the pace of innovation in Web3 have exploded. We’ve always been passionate about building and seeing the growth of the space inspired us to build out IQ.wiki as a hub for crypto knowledge. We rebranded to IQ.wiki to emphasize how the IQ token and cryptocurrency are central to the encyclopedia.


In February 2023, IQ.wiki became one of the first encyclopedias and decentralized applications to integrate artificial intelligence. IQ.wiki integrated OpenAI’s GPT-3 for tasks like summarizing articles and later upgraded to GPT-4. In 2023, BrainDAO aims to further integrate AI within the platform, develop additional AI powered tools, and use the IQ token to incentivized the training of AI models for the first part of the issue.

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IQ.wiki's vision is to bring blockchain knowledge to the world and knowledge onto the blockchain. A part of Brainfund group



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