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Tue Oct 11 2022

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The world’s largest crypto encyclopedia is joining the Ethereum ecosystem. Everipedia has rebranded as and expanded to Polygon. is fully Web3 with IQ token stakers earning rewards and governing the platform. has a wealth of crypto content including pages covering Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, NFTs like Bored Ape Yacht Club, DeFi projects like Frax Finance, and People in Crypto like Vitalik Buterin.

We’ve designed from the ground up to serve the crypto community. For full transparency, every edit or change to the encyclopedia will be recorded on the Polygon blockchain with the transaction hash stored on-chain. The data and images uploaded as part of each wiki are stored on the IPFS network and the hashes are included on each page for the users to verify. pages on cryptocurrencies, NFT projects, and exchanges automatically pull relevant statistics from Coingecko and other reliable APIs. The new site also integrates Ethereum Name Service (ENS). If you’ve resolved your ETH address to an ENS name your ENS will automatically show up as your profile name when you log in to the new site. To allow contributors to log in with their email or social media we’ve integrated Magic a leading user authentication and private key management solution. We’ve also integrated The Graph, a decentralized protocol for indexing and querying data in networks like Ethereum and IPFS. To ensure is fully Web3 we’ve set up a new Blog which is powered by Mirror, the leading Web3 publishing solution.

We decided to build on Polygon, the leading Ethereum scaling solution, to ensure that the platform is at the heart of the Ethereum ecosystem and can scale to support large numbers of contributors. To ensure a gasless experience for all contributors we’ve integrated the OpenZeppelin defender relayer.

Along with the expansion to Polygon, Everipedia is rebranding as The Everipedia name came from the idea of building the encyclopedia of everything. In 2018, we moved Everipedia onto the blockchain and launched the IQ token for greater transparency and to ensure our users could be rewarded for their contributions. After the launch of the token, our editor base shifted and we saw a lot of interest in our pages covering the crypto space.

Over the past few years NFTs, DeFi, and the pace of innovation in Web3 have exploded. We’ve always been passionate about building and seeing the growth of the space inspired us to build a new site to serve as a hub for crypto knowledge. We’ve called our new site since our IQ token and cryptocurrency are now central to the platform.

To try out the site while we are in beta, you just need to sign up for the IQ Brainlist. We’ve started sending out invitations today. After the beta period, plans on introducing HiIQ Brain Pass NFTs for IQ stakers which will provide several benefits including the ability to edit on Users will also be able to acquire the NFTs by purchasing them with IQ tokens.

The HiIQ Brain Pass NFTs will be launching soon however, you can already get involved in the IQ ecosystem and start earning IQ token rewards by staking IQ with HiIQ. IQ stakers have earned over 400 million IQ since the launch of HiIQ and in our last raffle stakers won 100 5-digit ENS. IQ stakers also govern the platform and the IQ token’s treasury, BrainDAO. BrainDAO’s portfolio of Ethereum, IQ tokens, stablecoins, and blue chip NFTs backs the IQ token and is valued at over $5 million.

With the launch of the new site we propose setting up new tokenomics for the IQ token. We propose using a halvening model like Bitcoin and FXS which provides higher initial emissions to incentivize early adopters and gradually lowers emissions to ensure long-term sustainability. The proposal IQIP-14: New IQ Tokenomics for is now up for voting by IQ stakers on Snapshot.

With the rebranding of Everipedia to, we are also making some changes to leadership and structure. Everipedia’s longtime Chief Community Officer Navin Vethanayagam will become the Chief Brain of Cesar Rodriguez, Everipedia’s Director of Engineering who led the development of the new platform will become the Chief Technology Officer of Navin and Cesar will also serve as the Galaxy Brain and Chief Brain Officer of BrainDAO, the DAO which manages the IQ token. Everipedia Co-founder and CEO Theodor Forselius as well as CFO and COO Suchet Dhindsa will move to a new parent company dedicated more broadly to investing in the future of knowledge. Everipedia co-founders Sam Kazemian and Travis Moore will also remain in the parent company as board members. This new structure will allow Navin and Cesar to focus on leading the growth of the platform and for the Everipedia co-founders to focus on broader strategic goals for the company and the whole ecosystem.

This is just the beginning, we have a lot more planned. In the future, we plan on integrating DEX swaps into each page so you can ape into any crypto as you read about it. There’s a lot more planned for the IQ ecosystem. Stay tuned for our upcoming Brainies NFT collection which will combine DeFi IQ staking rewards, art, and knowledge. The IQ ecosystem is only growing smarter.

Whether you’re a shadowy super coder, a DeFi degen, ETH maxi, or NFT maxi, is the place to learn and share knowledge about the crypto space. Make sure to sign up for the IQ Brainlist and join our Discord if you want to get involved.

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