Akasha Indream

Akasha Indream is a blockchain enthusiast, entrepreneur, and strategist. She is the Founder ofBook of Blockchain, a project that aims to create a definitive book to showcase the various blockchain projects and the solutions they offer. She is also the Engagement Director ofIoMob, a company aiming to decentralize mobility in smart and sustainable cities.

Early Life & Education

Indream graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor's degree in Arts with an emphasis in Ancient History.

Subsequently, she earned her Bachelor of Laws degree, where she learned about corporate social responsibility, international humanitarian law, international human rights, women in war, and modern legal theory.

In 2004, she attained a degree in Creative Writing at the University of Adelaide.


Women in Blockchain

Akasha Idream is the Founder and Editor-in-C hiefofMissBlockchain, a portal for women in blockchain and cryptocurrency. In addition, she is the Founder of the Women in BlockchainImpact Group, an initiative aimed to connect and support women in the cryptocurrency space.

Advisory Boards

In addition to the projects she founded, Akasha Indream is also the corporate strategy advisor forBLOCKLOAN, a global lending marketplace for crypto loans and margin lending. She is also an advisory board member of WizeBit Technologies, a company that aims to utilize blockchain technology for software, hardware, and artificial intelligence development.

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Akasha Indream


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