Al Cabones

Al Cabones is a network of organized crime groups based on the blockchain. The collection consists of 10,000 wanted skeleton mobsters each carrying their own history of ruthless crime.


Al Cabones is also an underground society of 10,000 unique skull mobster NFTs. The six different mobster families, determined by the background of user Al Cabone (Boneannos, Corelebones, Gambones, Colombones, Rambones, and Napolebones). Each family is in an active rivalry with the other.[1]

  • Traits

Each mobster has been programmatically generated from 150+ attributes across traits ranging from Clothes, Eye Accessories, Head-Gear, and many more. All 10,000 are uniquely notorious but some have scarcer traits than others.[2]

Each mobster is completely unique, with over 150 traits and millions of possible combinations. Besides getting full commercial use rights of their Al Cabones, holders are entitled to a membership that will provide them with special perks & exclusive benefits. Hiding a fugitive is risky and so should be rewarded.[3]

  • Mint

It will cost 0.066 ETH + gas to mint an Al Cabone. There is a maximum of 15 Al Cabones that can be minted per TX.[4]

  • The floor price

Each Alcabons are represented by a placeholder image on the explorers or Open Sea. The pre-sale of 3000 NFTs at a floor price of 0.03 ETH each got sold in six minutes.[5]

The public sale of 7000 NFTs at a floor price of 0.06 ETH started on 29th Aug at 9 PM UTC. But still, the current price of the token on the open market is around 0.47 ETH which means, there is a listing gain of about 1000% for the NFT. [6]


  • Monty (@Vincentvncough)
    • Project Manager
  • Mahmoud (@mahmoud89)
    • Developer
  • Haych (@MisterNameless)
    • Co-Founder/Marketing
  • Rumah
    • Artist
  • Zach
    • Co-Founder/Front-end Design


0%: Report of a few Mobsters being spotted in the metaverse!

10%: Unlock 1 ETH giveaway for every 2000 Mobsters minted through the website.

25%: Bring your Mobsters out! Tag us on Twitter with your Monsters. 5 random tweet will be selected for the special airdrop. Community wallet filled with 5 ETH.

50%: 25 Mobsters will be airdropped for 25 random holders. Two 1/1 NFT airdrops to most active members on twitter and discord. Community wallet filled with 10 ETH.

75%: Tales on the history of crime by Al Cabones released. Community wallet filled with 10 ETH. Donation to a charity of our community's choice (Voted on)

100%: Weapons will be distributed to every holders, let the blood spills. Community wallet filled with 20 ETH. [7]

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Al Cabones

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August 2, 2022


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