Alison Burger

Alison Burger is an American entrepreneur know for her expertise in accounting. She is the creator of an organization called WomenofCrypto in Los Angeles, California.


Early Life

Burger was born and raised in the state of California for most of her life. She grew up in the city of St. Helena, California. Since a young age she has had an interest in exercising and fitness. She began to do gymnastics and ballet as a kid which she continued to do well into her teenage years.

She is a graduate of St. Helena High School where she played team sports.


After high school, she attended University of San Diego where she received both her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees. She studied French, and received her graduate degree in accounting as part of the MAFM curriculum at the University of San Diego.

The MAFM curriculum is focused on interactively developing the skills needed by accountants and financial managers. This program is a specialized master’s degree designed to provide accountants the skills needed in mid-to-upper-level accounting positions and skills needed in professional positions where finance, information systems, and related financial skills are as essential as accounting skills.


While in college she received experience as an intern for Mack Barclay. She then joined the workforce at a Big 4 public accounting firm. For several years, she worked the corporate lifestyle at various business and accounting firms. She was a senior audit associate for KPMG.

She was also a contractor at JGD & Associates LLP in accounting and audit.

She was also a Manager at The Siegfried Group.


Performed financial statement audit procedures from initial planning through the completion of fieldwork in accordance with SEC and GAAP requirements. Supervised day-to-day audit engagement activities, including managing up to 5 team members along with anticipating and resolving issues.

Extensive exposure to SEC reports including: Form 10K, Form 10Q, and Form 8K. Reviewed and supervised the testing of internal controls to establish overall audit risk and ensure compliance of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the PCAOB.

Alix Partners

At AlixPartners, she became a vice-president. While there, she provided accounting, financial, and economic analysis, forensic accounting, and consulting services. Investigated alleged corporate fraud and misconduct.

Researched and resolved issues involving PCAOB regulations and SEC disclosure requirements. Conducted review and analysis of financial statement audits in connection with the preparation of expert reports involving big four accounting firms accused of auditor negligence.


While working the corporate lifestyle, she found exercising as a sanctuary to help her deal with the demands of her job.

While searching for a workout that would provide the perfect combination of effectiveness and efficiency, she found Lagree Fitness, which gave her the motivation to reconnect with her true passion.

Alison is a certified Lagree Fitness instructor in Los Angeles.

Women of Crypto

Burger is the creator and founder of the women's organization in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space known as Women of Crypto.

She is also involved with shEOS as a business advisor.

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Alison Burger


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