Bear Game

Bear Game NFT is a blockchain-based NFT game where fishermen and bears compete in the meta-prairies for the enticing prize of $SALMON. The game allows users to play to earn thereby providing utility to NFT holders through the Ethereum chain[1].


A small hamlet of fishermen gathers around a lovely, deep river to fish $TROUT on a prosperous grassland located in the deep meta-prairies. The high abundance of $TROUT in the river attracts fishermen to the village.

This is not without risk, however; this lush, plentiful river draws not only anglers but also a wide range of animals, including terrible bears. The bears are on the prowl for all of the fishermen and their prized $TROUT. They'll get it by whatever means possible.

To combat the bears' ferocious attacks, the fishermen have decided to start giving them a little amount of their caught $TROUT. The bears, on the other hand, lose control when a fisherman wanders aimlessly away from the river alone, or when a new fisherman is born. There's no stopping the bears, and there's no stopping them[2]!



Token IDMinting Cost
0-10,498 (Gen X)Sold Out
10,498 - 17,000 (Gen Y)20,000 $TROUT
17,001 - 27,000 (Gen Y)40,000 $TROUT
27,001 - 37,000 (Gen Y)60,000 $TROUT
37,001 - 50,000 (Gen Y)80,000 $TROUT


Users have a 90% chance of minting a Fishermen, each with unique traits[3].

Enter River (Stake)Accumulate 10,000 $TROUT Per day (Gen X)Accumulate 6,000 $TROUT Per day (Gen Y)No Risk
Collect $TROUT (Claim)Receive 80% of the $TROUTBear takes a guaranteed 20% tax on TROUT to keep them from attacking
Leave River (Unstaked)Fisherman leave the river and all $TROUT are collected50% chance of all users accumulated $TROUT being stolen by Bear. Stolen $TROUT is split among all the Bear currently staked around the river


Users have a 10% chance of minting a Bear, which has its own set of characteristics, including a ranking value from highest to lowest: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Wild[4].
The higher the ranking;

  • The higher the portion of $TROUT that the Bear earns from taxes.
  • The higher chance of stealing a newly minted Fishermen or Bear.

Staked Bears are the only ones who can steal new fishermen and earn the $TROUT tax.

Bear Game Theory: $TROUT

The Total Quantity of $TROUT is 5,000,000,000 $TROUT: The staking "faucet" goes off when supply hits 2,400,000,000 $TROUT received for staking. The developers are paid $TROUT 600,000,000. Also, 2,000,000,000 $TROUT are awarded to Community Rewards[5].

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Bear Game


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