Binamon (founded 2021) is the gaming platform that allows crypto gamers to collect, buy and sell digital monsters as NFTs and engage in exciting battle royals with gamers from all over the world. This platform has several admirable gaming modes, ranging from collecting Binamons, Battle rounds, and Multiplayer[1][6].


Binamon is a complete metaverse of Digital Monsters that live on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The Binamon universe has its native token, the $BMON BEP-20 token. Minting $BMON generates the BEP 721 NFT Binamons that gamers can battle with via smart contracts dubbed Booster[2].

Being an NFT and blockchain-backed gaming meta-verse where users can enjoy collecting digital monsters and have fun in battle royales using them, it is contrary to collectable card games’ norm of leveraging the Ethereum blockchain, Binamons live on the Binance Smart Chain[3].

Major Features

Living on the Binance Smart Chain, NFT Binamons are digital monsters that come in different characters, including Attack, Element, Class and Hompower. Each Binamon character harbours its power and resiliency within the game. Additionally, the characteristics determine both the intrinsic and market value of a digital monster.

Binamon the game uses Epic Games’ AI graphics technology, Unreal Engine. A die-hard gamer that acknowledges the engine is quite familiar with titles like Fortnite, The Last of US Ⅱ, Call of Duty Black Ops Ⅲ, Street Fighter V and Final Fantasy Ⅶ(The Remake).

Mobile App

The Binamon mobile app will offer gamers a digital wallet to hold their $BMON tokens. The wallet facilitates a P2P marketplace for investors who prefer to trade their tokens across the metaverse. The mobile app can be used to monitor the number of tokens you own, not leaving behind $BMON transactions. The Binamon Mobile App gives three functionalities: the wallet, a P2P exchange, and a Monitor.

Having said the above the use of the wallet is to hold and showcase collections besides trading Binamons. On the other hand, the P2P exchange enables the exchange of Binamons with other gamers. Lastly, the monitor is used to track balances and staking rewards.

Booster Smart Contracts facilitates users to mint BEP 20 tokens and generate BEP 721 NFT Binamons.

As mentioned earlier, these NFTs are acquired via minting the $BMON token. Probability calculations are the determinant factor to separate the features of the Binamons after the minting process is done.

  • Wallet: In addition to holding and showcasing the collections, users will be able to buy & sell their Binamons through the mobile app.
  • P2P Exchange: Users can easily trade Binamons with other community members via the mobile app.
  • Monitor: The user can also carry out operations such as checking balance and staking rewards.

$BMON tokens can be wage to battle other users in a winner takes all battle mode. A dismal percentage of the tokens will be burned during matches while smart contracts oversee matches.


Since the platform works on the BSC, below is the breakdown of how its tokens are being distributed;

  • Token Ticker- $BMON
  • The initial number of $BMON in circulation- 150 Million
  • Total $BMON supply- 300 Million
  • Presale Participation totals- 2500 BNB
  • Total Market Cap(Diluted)- 15000 BNB
  • Initial Market Capitalization- 7500 BNB
  • Seed Round Participation totals- 1500 BNB

The sales round dates and numbers are as follows;

  • During the seed round, the token’s price stood at 0.0000283 BNB. It took place on June 12th at 18:00 UTC.
  • The presale round went down on June 14th at 15:00 UTC, with the token’s price valued at 0.00003846 BNB.

Binamon plans to use the funds reaped from the sales in the following manner,

  • 20% on development
  • 20% for marketing purposes
  • 20% for expenses incurred during operations
  • 40% on the liquidity pool

Token Allocation Plan

Of the total supply of $BMON tokens

  1. 20% will fund the staking pool
  2. 17% is set aside for the seed round
  3. Binamon team takes up 5%
  4. 10% will oversee the development of the Binamon ecosystem
  5. 10% serves the marketing needs for Binamon
  6. 5% will account for advisors
  7. 11% will serve the liquidity pool
  8. Last but not least, 22% goes to the Private sale

All the tokens utilized through the Booster Smart Contracts, 0.1% used in gaming battle modes and 10% of those collected in tournaments, will be burned. 90% of the tokens collected in tournaments are up for grabs for the winners.

Additionally, the game will occasionally hold a lottery where gamers who participate can walk away with special upgrades for their Binamons. Some of the tokens taken up during the lotteries will be burned as well[4].


Based in Argentina, Binamon LTD as a gaming platform that uses blockchain technology leveraging the Binance Smart Chain and focuses on digital monsters that become alive on the BSC as NFT.The blockchain-gaming x NFT platform is giving away a grand prize of NFT Binamons worth $1M for the early worms on its project.


Binamon as an NFT blockchain-based digital monsters network introduced in 2021, providing crypto enthusiasts with excellent income opportunities. In just 48 hours since the launch of the Binamon NFT App, users were able to burn 6% of the circulating supply in creating exclusive NFTs. Till now, over 10 million Binamon tokens have been burned, which is about 7% of the circulating supply of 150 million.

The Binamon network has a BEP-20 token dubbed $BMON, used in delivering services within the network, including the minting of new NFTs. Using a smart contract called Booster(Binamon NFT App), you can burn the $BMON and create Binamon NFT.

Launching the Binamon game

Binamons are 3-D assets taking the shape of game monsters created to address the market gaps in the NFT world. Since it is based on the BSC, the users will receive the best services at friendly costs and more long-term reliability. Even more, the $BMON token is designed with a special feature, deflationary nature.

Users will be able to create and receive a physical version of their Binamons at home. For this, they must use the smart contract created for this purpose, prove ownership of the NFT, and pay for it with the $BMON token.

Battle Mode

  • Battle to earn: With the battle mode, users will be able to fight each other by wagering $BMON tokens.
  • The winner will take the prize.
  • Burn mechanism: A small % will be burned.
  • Battles will be matched between Binamons of the same class. The fight will be resolved by a smart contract.
  • Good incentives: The most powerful Binamon will have a better chance of winning, but the weakest one will get a greater reward.


  • Powered by $BMON: The Binamon game, is an adventure multiplayer game, whose economy will be powered by the $BMON token.
  • In-Game Assets: Players will be able to create assets and sell them on the marketplace.
  • Assets will have the ability to enhance the power of the Binamons.
  • Trading Zones: There will be in-game trading zones for players and content creators to buy and sell assets.
  • Technology: The chosen technology is Unreal Engine.

Gaming and Players Interaction

The Binamon network plans to launch a game with a multiplayer option, which allows all Binamon users globally to interact. This multiplayer game is powered by $BMON and has specialized features for top efficiency[5].

Generally, players will have the option of strengthening their Binamons to battle fearlessly just like gamers do on Call Of Duty warzone.

Binamon offers its native $BMON BEP-20 token, which powers the entire ecosystem. Minting $BMON will enable users to create their unique collection of NFT Binamons, which are ultra-rare digital monsters used for battle duels in the gaming metaverse.

Another excellent gaming option is called the Battle mode, where NFT holders will collateralize some $BMON and battle for rewards. Primarily, Battle mode will involve users betting for their Binamon, and the stronger NFT will have better odds of winning.

Like in betting, if the stronger wins, the rewards earned are low, and vice versa is also true. The Battle mode will be launching soon, and all the rewards will be earned in dollars.

Binamon's Community

$BMON holders will be able to vote on proposals relating to the Binamon ecosystem:

  • Choose new NFT designs from community artists.
  • Vote for new functionalities for the video game.
  • Vote to solve important issues in the BINAMON metaverse.

They are big on community participation, there fore as a $BMON holder, you’ll have voting rights over how the ecosystem runs. Besides solving important issues on the Binamon metaverse, you’ll have a say in new game functionalities and NFT designs.

Network Growth

The Binamon network is growing at an admirable rate. For instance, several centralized exchanges are interested in the Binamon token; it is an asset with excellent prospects. However, the team behind Binamon is only focused on registering with the best crypto exchanges globally.They have seen vast growth, recently hitting a market cap of $5 million.

According to the numbers, it's clear why many exchange networks are invested in the ideology of this network.Binamon has posted direct links to analytics pages like Dextools to help investors in decision-making. Generally, showing how the token is performing from time to time will attract investors.

Binamon is the best of all the Defi/NFT projects in June/July 2021. In just the short period of its existence, Binamon has already created a vast community in the US, Europe and China. Binamon has Twitter and Telegram social media pages where user can follow and get updates as they come in. The process brings forth 3 Binamons that are distinct in both powers and features.

BMON Basis

Binamon seeks to create a complete metaverse of digital monsters, which allows millions of people to join the NFT & blockchain-based gaming world in an easy, creative and fun way. To achieve this, the following solutions have been provided:

  • Ultra-Rare Digital Binamons
  • Digital Collectibles
  • Virtual Economy
  • Multiplayer Game
  • Battle Mode
  • Staking
  • Rewards

How Binamon Works

Binamon will be the first ecosystem to integrate the best features of the gaming and digital collectibles world, turning Binamon into the first of its kind metaverse of digital monsters.

Through a smart contract called Booster, the NFTs will be minted (BEP721), using the $BMON token (BEP-20). The strength and powers of the NFTs are created randomly following probability calculations. Then the smart contract mints 3 different Binamons with unique features and powers.

It allows users to stake their NFT Binamons to earn mouth-watering returns, making gaming on block-chain technology with NFTs has more fun and easier.


Earn passive income: Stake your Binamons to earn $BMON tokens. Higher rewards with rare Binamons: the ultra-rare Binamons will earn the best staking rewards. If users are worried that they cannot punch above their weight class, matches are set up with Binamons of the same class.

Gaming Features

Each characteristic provides a greater strength and performance to the Binamons during the game and battles. These characteristics also increase the intrinsic value and market price of the digital monsters. There is an algorithmic cost associated with the generation of each Binamon. This cost depends on the difficulty to generate the characteristics of each Binamon, and the amount of $BMON tokens spent to generate it.The Binamons have the following characteristics:

  1. Class,
  2. Hornpower (Resistance),
  3. Element,
  4. and Attack

The algorithmic cost of the most powerful Binamon, taking into consideration the price of the $BMON token at the time of the public sale, is greater than $1,000,000 USD.

Mechanism in case of deflation

The $BMON token is designed to be utterly deflationary and convenient for its users. A strict token burning policy is instituted for the tokens used in providing different services in the platform. Foremost, 100% of all tokens used in creating NFTs are completely burnt.

  • 100% of the tokens used through the Booster Smart Contract will be burned.
  • 0.1% of the tokens used during the battles mode will be burned.
  • 10% of the tokens collected in tournaments will be burned, the rest will go to the winners.
  • 100% of the fees (0.1%) collected for transactions relating the multiplayer game will be burned.
  • There will be a lottery system, where Binamons holders can participate to receive special upgrades for ther digital monsters. A certain amount of these tokens will be burned.

BMON Token Utility

  1. Mint new Binamons
  2. NFT Staking
  3. Battle to earn
  4. Buy/Sell in-game assets
  5. Community Governance
  6. Entry fee and rewards in the tournament
  7. sBuy NFT in its physical variant
  8. Buy products in the BINAMON online store.

State of the art team

Besides the stated benefits, there is assurance in the competence of the team behind the project. Being that the developers have rich experience in card trading games like Pokémon and Magic The Gathering. Their unparalleled programming skills guarantee a fulfilling gaming and investment experience.

Native Powers

The $BMON native token powers the Binamon ecosystem by running several operations within the network. Asides from generating Binamon NFTs, the $BMON token has several use cases such as access to governance actions, staking, a payment tool for exchanging in-game items, and catering for entry fee charges.

Other activities that are prone to burning the native asset include multiplayer charges (burns 100%), tournaments (burns 10%), lottery systems, and battle modes (burns 0.1%). Binamon employs a deflationary scheme that burns all tokens used during the minting process to make the digital token more valuable. Deflationary mechanisms aim at deliberately removing a specific supply of the token from circulation.


Q4 2020Q1 2021Q2 2021Q3 2021Q4 20212022
Conceptualization of the project and business model.First NFT creation -Binamon SONG and MusicWeb Launch
Open Booster contract creationCommunity growth
Marketing campaign
Public sale
Private saleStaking platform launch
Battle mode launch
Introduction of new Binamons
Focus on user acquisition
Team expansion
Aggressive marketingLaunch of the alpha version of video game
Integration of all services Mobile app launchTeam expansion
Expansion of the Binamonecosystem.
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