BIRAKE (founded on 1 January 2018) is a decentralized application token based on the Ethereum blockchain and in line with ERC 223 standards, powered by the Birake token (BIR). It is a White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange project. The token generation event for BIR took place in March 2018 with interested parties able to buy BIR for Ether or Bitcoin[4][5].
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Birake had its origins in 2010 as a software company with activity primarily in South America.

The mission of Birake is to provide both website owners and users of Birake exchanges network, the biggest database of orders/users and achieve the biggest trading volume from the cryptocurrency
area. For the website owners: providing a fully functional platform, ready to use from day one, full of orders and transactions; and for the users: possibility to find the best deal from a huge amount of orders, low commissions, high trading experience, bounty and rewards programs.

Birake inter-connects exchanges from its network and share orders & assets between them. Moreover, it provides future trading platform owners the flexibility to incorporate their own domain name brand, logo and personalization of their exchange platforms. The Birake Network is a central database of orders which are openly shared among all exchanges run on the network. Similarly, traders can have access to multiple exchange platforms at once through the Birake exchanges network[1][2].

BIR Token

BIR coin is the main payment method within Birake Network. Birake exchange platform can be acquired with BIR coins.

The token generation event for BIR took place beginning in March 2018 with interested parties able to buy BIR for Ether or Bitcoin (BTC). The first 50 million BIR were offered at a 30% discount, while the event was capped at a total of 225 million tokens. Of the 225 million tokens available before the launch date, 90 million will be available in the pre-sale, with another 135 million available in the main sale event. In total, the platform is designed to support 300 million BIR tokens, set to be distributed in June of 2018. In this distribution, tokens will be distributed to Ethereum wallets of investors in the crowd sale, as well as to those participating in the development of the project, advertisers, and the marketing and communication team[3].

Birake Business School

The basis of the economic model of Birake is the following:

• Transaction Volume - is the volume in USD transaction during one year

• Number of website exchanges is the number of websites which are running on its white label platform. Each Website will have a separate domain name and custom personalization

• Cryptocurrencies - average of cryptocurrencies available for trading in each month

• New cryptocurrency price - an average cost for adding a new cryptocurrency to the network (one-time fee)

• Customer percentage - average website owner income percent from transactions fee

• User transaction fee - average of transaction fee percentage applied by website owner to each transaction

• Birake percentage - is the average percentage from transactions fee from website owners

Marketing and Sales

The successful market penetration of Birake platform depends on the efficient development of the Birake exchanges using their White Label Platform.

Birake along with their website owners will promote using the following channels:

  • Search engines, platform owners and contextual advertising operators: Google, Yandex, Mail, Rambler, Begun and others - the largest market players of all categories of digital marketing services.
  • Social media. They are already present on telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Medium, Bitcointalk and many more.
  • Online media. Wider coverage in the distribution of news and content.
  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and Cryptocurrency related communities.
  • Owners of online services and widgets.
  • Mobile applications and services. One of the key and fast-growing development areas of the entire digital economy. They are most interested in all the services driving successful communication.
  • Referral operators.


Real Time Cryptocurrency Trading: A Decentralized Exchange (DEX) trade engine for highly efficient matching of trades. The buyers and sellers can place orders and get matched for best pricing.

Order Book shared World Wide: All the exchanges will benefit from all the network active orders. New exchanges will be full of users and orders from day 1.

Full Protection: Birake is running on a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) technology which is safer than any other centralized platform

Secure Wallets: Using DEX platform wallets are completely isolated from the platform


Bogdan Mavrodin - Founder & CEO

Radu Theodor - Co-Founder & CMO

Razvan Dinu - Co-Founder & CTO

Stefan Onica - Marketing and Sales manager

Bogdan Grigoroiu - IT Business analyst

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