Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party is an open-world multiplayer game featuring NFT vinyl toys known as Blankos, that players can collect, upgrade and sell. By introducing these playable NFT’s, Blankos Block Party is creating a new play-to-earn economy and paving the way for the future of digital ownership in gaming.

Blankos Block Party is a vibrant open-world multiplayer game styled like a giant block party, with a focus on custom art and design, building and exploration and curating your collection of unique and rare Blankos.


Blankos Block Party is a MMO video game that is built on the EOS blockchain. It recreates the concept of a virtual economy by adding cryptocurrency to the gaming experience. The game was created Mythical Games in Los Angeles, California and is scheduled to come out in the first quarter of 2019.


Blankos are fun-loving and mischievous vinyl toys brought to life. They live the fleek life focusing on good vibes and good times. The characters are designed by the players themselves and are brought to life when they hear their music.  Each Blanko is a digital asset called an NFT that lives on blockchain. When you own a Blanko, you own them - not even the creators can take them away from you[1].

Blankos Block Party takes place in a casual multiplayer world styled like a giant block party, that includes a vibrant hub where players can meet, go on scavenging hunts with pals, take on daily challenges, and eventually take part in global online minigames and explore into other players’ block parties as well.

  • Players will be able to collect and use all different types of Blanko characters. Thanks to blockchain technology, there will be many varieties of head shapes, unique skins, including rare attributes and styles that spin off into endless combinations where players have real ownership.
  • Players will acquire block assets in various ways that help them build and play with their own Block. Bespoke designs will continuously enter the Blankos world. Once their party is ready, they can invite others to explore and play.
  • At each party, Blankos will interact and evolve their characters, as well as influence a new generation of Blankos they meet along the way.
  • Each Blanko can be traded or resold at the Marketplace.

"We are really excited to be working on this project with Mythical, and to be one of the first games developed with their new blockchain platform,” commented Tim Dunn, Director and co-founder of Third Kind Games (Former Project Manager for Activision on Guitar Hero Live).

Blankos opens up a world of possibilities for content creators, professional artists, and companies to experiment with their own unique designs, skins, and features, not only for gamers. In the game, they can play, collect, and even share or trade their unique design Blanko.

“Blankos Block Party is the perfect first release for Mythical, and joining up with indie studio, Third Kind Games, has been amazing,” - Jamie Jackson, Chief Creative Officer of Mythical Games[2].



Burberry partnered with Mythical Games to launch a limited-edition Blanko in the technology company’s game, Blankos Block Party, to be released in July 2021. The partnership provides infinite opportunities to celebrate Burberry’s core values of creativity and freedom of expression.

Drawing on the bold thinking and inventive approach of its founder, Thomas Burberry, the brand continues to inspire its communities today, creating new possibilities and environments to be explored.

‘Pushing boundaries and discovering new ways to innovate with our communities have always been at the heart of what we do as a brand. Being a part of this creative and pioneering community with Mythical Games is an incredible synergy for us and a perfect evolution of our existing engagement with the gaming communities. Launching our limited-edition Burberry Blanko in Blankos Block Party is our first exploration into the world of NFT’s; unlocking an entire new platform of possibilities, empowering digital natives and gamers to own a piece of our brand and to actively engage and participate with our house codes. We are incredibly excited to embark on this ground-breaking journey into the future of digital ownership in gaming.’ Rod Manley, Chief Marketing Officer at Burberry.

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Blankos Block Party has active accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Discord[3][4][5][6].

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Blankos Block Party

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