BossLogic (Artist) is a graphic artist from Melbourne, Australia that has gained a lot of media attention due to his photo manipulations, often creating fan casts of comic book characters or using actual casted actors/actresses in their roles[1][2].


Kode Abdo attends RMIT University (A global university of technology, design, and enterprise and world leader in Art and Design; Architecture and the Built Environment; Engineering; Accounting and Finance; and Business and Management Studies) where he obtained his degree in photography from 2011 to 2012[3].

Professional Life

BossLogic started drawing when he was six years old, still has not taken the pen out of his hand. After transferring his skills to a digital platform Kode was able to expose his work to a wider audience a move that came with great success

Kode is still learning new skills along the way and being taught many different styles from many talented teachers. Kode Has his own style of visual stories through his thirst for knowledge is something that never goes away so he keeps challenging himself and builds the building blocks to get where he needs to be.

Kode love's doing collaborations with other talented people to learn their take on design and learn off that foundations to create a major outcome and to be remembered for what they have done. So he has come into this artist's battlefield armed with his sketchbook in one hand and his camera in the other, fighting to survive this colorful war[4].

According to him:

“Art in general is like poetry it may rhyme and flow all together or it may not rhyme but has a valid point, as a digital artist we are the new breed of artists and we are all trying to innervate our own style to be remembered and past on as a foundation you laid down that’s why knowledge should be an addiction with no cure you just keep wanting more and you do whatever it takes to get it”[5]

From January 2011, he was the lead artist at Shodowlogic in charge of all promo materials for events and media, ranging from prints all the way to promo trailers[6]
According to BossLogic,

"I love the world, I just need to add my touch to it. My theory is you start with everything and you choose to lose it along the way- creativity is what holds us all together. I first started drawing when I was 6 years old and I still haven’t taken the pen out of my hand. After transferring my skills to a digital platform I’m still here where I have been working for the past 8 years in my own company BossLogic Inc; born from me being a self made artist, a Graphic Designer"[7]

"My thirst for knowledge is something that never goes away and can never be quenched. Hence why I always love doing collaborations with other talented people to learn from their perspective on design, to develop upon the foundations I have already set- I want my work to mean something not only to me but to other people and to leave my mark on the world and to be remembered for my art- my passion"[8].

Social Media

With over 1662188+ followers on Instagram, Bosslogic is deemed as one of the popular influencers in Australia. Bosslogic has set the username as @bosslogic on Instagram[9].


Ethernity Chain, which is a community-oriented nonfungible token platform has partnered with graphic artist BossLogic to launch an exclusive line of tokenized art pieces for the community. With the new agreement standing firm, BossLogic has created 2,500 NFTs exclusively for the Ethernity Chain network. Each NFT will be priced at 0.299 Ether (ETH).

The exclusive NFT auction is designed to reward the Ethernity Chain Community, the company told Cointelegraph:

“Since our first announcement that launched Ethernity Chain we have witnessed our community grow almost overnight to a worldwide community. Since the demand has been so high for our whitelisting, we wanted to reward our community with access to the first official Ethernity Chain NFT”.

The NFT market is on an exponential growth path as more users look to acquire digital collectibles. As Cointelegraph recently reported, NBA Top Shot has generated $230 million in sales, highlighting the growth of blockchain-based digital art.

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