Brandon Iles

Brandon Iles is an American Software engineer, Entrepreneur, and Blockchain personality. He is popularly known as co-founder and CTO of , a -based  that aims for algorithmically stabilized purchasing power through a fluctuating monetary supply. [1][17]

Brandon is also an advisor at Buttonwood Foundation, a platform that provides a framework and tools for rebuilding from first principles and Prometheus Research Labs which is building the Buttonwood Foundation’s web3 bond market, mortgages, and stablecoins.[18][19][20]

Early Life & Education

There is not much info available about his early life, but he was born and brought up in the United States. He graduated from Rice University with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer science in 2005. He completed his master of Computer Science from the same university in 2006.[2]


Brandon has worked for popular multinational companies from Google to Uber and has developed skills in Distributed Systems and software engineering.

Brandon started his career in 2006 after completing a Masters from Rice University. He joined Language Computer Corporation as a Software engineer in Jan 2006 and worked on Automated Reasoning and Knowledge Representation for applications in search and question answering. He left LCC in 2007 to join ESI- Electro Scientific Industries in Portland, Oregon. He worked on control software for photonics equipment used in semiconductor devices. [3][21]


Brandon joined the most popular search engine, Google, in Mountain View, California in August 2010. As a Senior Software Engineer, he handled many projects like Enterprise Search, and Artificial intelligence and also helped people answer their questions in google forums. He worked on Google Search Appliance (GSA), Index features, crawling and serving systems, and also Natural Language Understanding in Machine learning, etc. He served Google for more than 5 years.[4][5]


He left Google in 2015 to join Uber Technologies, Inc in San Francisco Bay Area. He worked in the Location Search group and developed the autocomplete search engine that powers the in-app location search (retrieval and ranking). [6]

He was also involved in the development of the personalized Rider prediction system that predicts your intended pickup and drop-off location based on your past activity on the system. This system now powers 55% of the trips on the platform. He worked with Uber for almost three years. [7]


Brandon was an early adopter of Bitcoin. He developed the 1st Android wallet in 2011 with his friend, but since he was more focused on AI and Machine Learning, he did not pursue the blockchain and crypto after. [8]

He developed an interest in the blockchain in 2017 and founded  with Evan Kuo in 2018. The company is situated in SF Bay Area. is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency token that maintains stable purchasing power. It not only puts supply (AMPL) in but also takes it out in an elastic way. has raised a total of $9.8M in funding over 4 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Jul 20, 2019, from a secondary market round. Ampleforth is funded by 11 investors and the list includes True Ventures, Arrington XRP Capital, Nima Capital, Slow Ventures, Pantera Capital, FBG Capital, The Spartan Group, Brian Armstrong, Founder Collective, Micah Rosenbloom. [9][10][11][12][13]

Personal Life

Brandon currently lives in San Francisco, CA. He loves to go on rides or dive into the ocean. He is active on social media and has over 3.7k followers on Twitter. He is active on YouTube as well.[14][15][16]

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Brandon Iles


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