CMC Alexandria

CMC Alexandria is a crypto education portal launched by CoinMarketCap in fall 2020.  [1][2]CMC Alexandria offers information and advice both for cryptocurrency newbies, and experienced investors.


CMC Alexandria is called an ancient Library of Alexandria of the second century B.C. -p an emblem of early aspirations to gather the world's knowledge in one place, as part of a "universal library." CMC's crypto library includes a glossary, articles on Cryptocurrency basics, tech deep-dives, and a section devoted to DeFi[1][2]CMC Alexandria articles are accompanied by visuals that support the technical concepts. Not all articles are written by the CMC editorial and research team. [2]

Commenting on why DeFi was featuring so prominently in its library, the representative explained that while CoinMarketCap is taking an encyclopedic approach to cryptocurrency education, it also aims to reflect the most relevant developments of the moment. [1][2]

“Right now, that happens to be decentralized finance,” the representative said, adding that the “uninitiated” still need access to more comprehensive information in order to make sense of new and arguably still obscure topics in the DeFi space. [1][2]

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CMC Alexandria


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