CryptoFights is a single-player fantasy online role-playing game where players get to explore worlds and engage in one on one battles against others. Each round ends when one player’s character reaches zero hit points.[1][5]


CryptoFights consists of 3D heroes battling in an arena, modeled on traditional role-playing games.

CryptoFights is playable on Android, the Android emulator BlueStacks, or on Windows, with iOS coming soon. A device with at least 4 GB of RAM is recommended for maximum performance. One will need at least 350 MB free on their device to download and run the CryptoFights app.[1]


CryptoFights allows gamers to fight for a bounty in the arena, the bounty is paid in Ether to the winner of the battle. Therefore, in those battles in which the gamers have decided to fight for a bounty, the team can incentivize a third party that wishes to act as a validator with a percentage of this bounty for executing the battle contract.

The battle algorithm is implemented in a pure function, which on Ethereum means that the function can be called in a gas-free local node call. The input to the battle algorithm is a random number seed, used for deciding the outcome of dice rolling. The future block method is used to provide the required speed, which is the only secure transaction-free on-chain solution for random number generation.

An outside validator executes the algorithm using the following steps:

  1. The battle is requested by issuing a challenge and placing a wager.
  2. The opponent accepts the challenge.
  3. The smart contract raises an event to notify potential validators of the upcoming battle.
  4. The first participant requesting to act as a validator is accepted to perform this role.
  5. The validator stakes a pre-defined percentage of the battle bounty in Ether
  6. The validator executes the transaction-free battle contract using the current on-chain calculated random number seed as an input.
  7. The validator submits the result to the .
  8. An event is issued to indicate the battle validation.
  9. Any participant can verify that the correct outcome has been submitted and force a settlement in the case of detecting a fraudulent validation.
  10. The smart contract settles the battle outcome after a timeout.
  11. The winner of the battle receives the wager minus the validator percentage.
  12. The validator percentage is either paid to the validator or to the detector of the fraudulent validation. A fraud detector also receives the Ether staked by the validator.

The above process reduces the gas cost for battle execution and improves the interactive user experience for the players.

Character Progression

Starting as low-level fighters, users must increase their power to become stronger and more experienced. Leveling up the fighter by winning matches gives ability points that can increase the fighter's strength, agility, and vitality.

Defeat opponents in battle and get a chance to win gold which can be used to buy new weapons and armor. Use the marketplace to increase the fighter's power to dominate in the fighting arenas.

Players can also strategize on how to allocate ability points to their fighters and also which weapons to equip before a match. A tank fighter can be created, that can withstand more damage or a high agility assassin that has duel daggers to dodge attacks and score critical hits. The options are endless to choose from

Players can sell their game items on the open marketplace for Ethereum or Enjin Coin. Each item will have a floor price based on the ENJ backing it. Items will be released for sale in sets starting with Genesis Zero which contains 1000 items.

Game Mechanics

CryptoFights M.E.T.A. (Most Effective Tactics Available) include what skills path users take developing their fighter and what skills they bring into a battle along with the equipment chosen. There are counters to everything in CryptoFights so users will need to use deep strategy, critical logic, and weigh probabilities in real-time.

Roll dice to see if the opponent is hit and for how much damage. Change strategy to increase the chances by picking the right weapons and armor. Turn the tide by using the right skill at the right moment.

Initiative Role

The first turn is decided with a dice roll for initiative. Certain species have bonuses added to this roll to give them a better chance of going first.

Attack Role

The player rolls dice to attack. If the result of the dice is high enough, they can hit the opponent.

Damage Role

If there is a successful hit then other dice are rolled to determine how much damage to inflict.

Genesis Zero

CryptoFights developed the very first set of weapons aptly named “Genesis Zero”, these are the very first set of weapons for the game and multiverse. All of these items are never to be recreated again by them, have no trading restrictions, no trading fees and all of the pre-sale items are multiverse enabled

On September 19, 2021, 2,000 of these limited edition pre-sale weapons were available for the gaming multiverse and are also usable within CryptoFights. All items were handcrafted by 3D artists with unique traits to make them fully unique for the gaming multiverse and given special properties and rarity tiers to be used within the game.

How to Purchase

When the timer strikes zero users will need to refresh the page and the buy buttons will be unlocked for purchase. All items listed will have a 30-second refresh showing the current inventory left. Buy fast as items are a first come first serve style, this means that while supplies last or who gets their Ethereum transaction in first.

The pre-sale will only be available for 14 days after the sale begins as limited quantities are available.

Ways to Purchase:

  • Mobile: Coinbase Wallet, Cipher Browser
  • Desktop: MetaMask

CryptoFights Terms

Ability Scores

Ability scores are broken down into three categories: Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. How one develops each Ability Score will play out differently with the three CryptoFights fighter races: Humans, Elves, and Dwarves. The development of ability scores also determines which weapons and actions one has an advantage with during battle.


Users can take 4 actions with they go into battle. The 3 main actions all fighters start out with are Attack, Hide and Focus. Each time of leveling up, an action based on the fighter’s level is unlocked. Some actions can only be used with certain weapons, while others require for one to be under a specific status effect - for example, the action ‘Sneak Attack’ requires users to be Hidden to use it.


Attack is one of the start actions. All fighters can use it. Many actions derive from the Attack action, like the Power Attack or Sneak Attack.

Attack Roll

The fighter must perform an attack roll using d20 (twenty-sided die) to determine if they can hit the opponent. If the result of the dice is high enough, they can inflict damage via a hit. If the result of the d20 Attack Roll is 20, the fighter performs a critical hit.

Base Damage Type

Slashing, Piercing, and Bludgeoning are the three main base damage types, also known as Mundane Damage Types. Short swords, greatswords, and battle axes inflict slashing damage; bows, daggers, and pistols inflict piercing damage; mauls, maces, quarterstaffs and a fighter’s bare fists inflict bludgeoning damage.

Critical Bonus Rolls: If a fighter scores a Critical Hit on their Attack Roll, the outcome of 2 extra dice and a coin roll are added to the Damage Roll.

Damage types: There are 10 damage types - Warfare, Slashing, Bludgeoning, Fire, Piercing, Lightning, Poison, Cold, Mystic, Necrotic. Weapons and skills have different damage types. Armors and skills provide resistance for specific damage types. Some Fighter builds are more likely to rely on certain damage types.[8]


Battleaxe: Battleaxes have a base damage type of Bludgeoning and can be common, uncommon, rare, legendary or epic. A Battleaxe’s Attack Property is Brutal Assault and its Variant property is Heavy.

Bow: A weapon with a base damage type of Piercing that allows you to attack your target from a distance. Its attack property is Dextrous Precision and variant property is heavy.

Dagger: A small bladed weapon especially effective in the hands of a fighter with high Dexterity. It’s lightweight design makes it easy for quick, deadly attacks.

Maul: This Bludgeoning weapon has an attack property of Brutal Assault and a variant property of Heavy. It’s designed to crush opponents on the battlefield.

Short sword: A bladed weapon with a base damage type of Slashing and an attack property of Ambivalent Assault. Ambivalent Assault means that short swords can be dual-wielded.

Quarterstaff: A two-handed weapon, quarterstaffs have a base damage type of Bludgeoning. Its attack property is dextrous assault and has variant properties of Heavy and Swift.[6][7]


Aurora the Fierce

Each time a new battleground is unlocked, she's there to tell you more about it. She is called Aurora the Fierce because she has shown exceptional skills and has proven herself to be just as strong as the male fighters. She was taught by Bram the Brave and is one of his best students.

Bram the Brave

The wise, seasoned mentor in the world of CryptoFights is Bram the Brave. He walks through the basic gameplay strategy and mechanics which will help users understand how to succeed and achieve victory on the battlefield.

Demetris of Alliance

He keeps record of all the fights that have happened and notes down everything, stands in front of the Hall of Fighters, explains how match replay works, how each battle is listed here & can be replayed, explains how to access the combat log archive and how to export a share link for a match. He is a part of the Alliance that has been gathered to make sure all matches are played according to the rules and that essence is not being used in unfair or malicious ways.[6]

Fynn the Librarian

Fynn is the skill tree NPC, is a bookworm, and can tell the player everything about all the skills + spell casting, the difference between actions, traits, and talents. He has never fought but has read about all the brave heroes in the books and dreams of becoming a fighter one day, just like Bram the Brave.


Dwarves naturally have higher levels of strength. Dwarves are tough to beat due to their muscle, physical power, and health. Strength allows them to wield brutally and assault weapons like mauls and greatswords. Dwarves receive +2 to all Resistances.


Elves tend to have greater agility, reflexes, and balance due to their naturally higher levels of Dexterity. Evasion, initiative, and critical change are needed for Dextrous and Precision weapons like Bows and Crossbows. Elves receive +10 Initiative and +1 Evasion.


One of the three Fighter Races available in CryptoFights, humans are adaptable and tend to have higher levels of Intelligence. Humans aren’t as naturally powerful as Dwarves and don’t quite have the same natural stealth and agility as Elves. Humans receive +1 to all Ability Scores.


Adam KlingFounder & CEOUnited States
Valeria StoyanovaUX LeadBulgaria
Abel K.Platform DeveloperUnited States
Nicole ConradContent ManagerUnited States
Jeff TuckerSenior DeveloperUnited States
Kasun ChamaraGame DeveloperSri Lanka
David CaseBackend ArchitectUnited States
Ashish ChandraBackend DeveloperUnited States
Ron ChaimowitzBoard AdvisorUnited States
Joao BorlidoGame DeveloperPortugal
Ashraful Mobin3D AnimatorBangladesh
Richard RobertsBoard AdvisorUnited States
Campbell FloodAudio ArtistUnited States
Leonardo SilvaGame DeveloperBrazil
Abel DantasGame MasterPortugal
Ruhan AhmadGame DeveloperBangladesh



On March 10, 2021, the company behind CryptoFights, FYX Gaming, entered into a partnership with leading eSports betting operator Unikrn. The collaboration will see these two leading esports companies working to deliver next-generation iGaming products and technology.

The partnership deals with the inclusion of CryptoFights, a skill-based strategic fighting game, and the flagship title for the FYX platform on Unikrn Virtual, a proprietary gaming product created by Unikrn that uses historical esports match data to power a non-stop stream of content coupled with live betting markets. Unikrn Virtual will utilize the in-game data created during real-life CryptoFights matches, all of which are recorded in real-time to the Bitcoin SV blockchain through the FYX platform, as the basis for a selection of new streams and markets on its platform.

The inclusion of CryptoFights on Unikrn Virtual is the first of many planned collaborations between FYX and Unikrn; the infrastructure established between these two companies integrates the unique blockchain-based data products from FYX with Unikrn and can be leveraged for future games and esports offerings on the FYX platform. Game developers that integrate with Unikrn through the FYX platform receive a percentage of all net revenues generated from their games instantly opening a new method of monetization for game developers throughout the entire lifespan of their product.[4]

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