Cybex is a cryptocurrency and decentralized exchange (DEX) built on Graphene technology that seeks to improve liquidity, transparency, and security.[5]


Cybex is a blockchain infrastructure based on Graphene (blockchain technology) that seeks to improve the liquidity of crypto assets. It focuses on 2 applications - a decentralized exchange (DEX) and a built-in match-making platform in the form of a decentralized application (DApp). [1]

The public chain of CYBEX was put into use on February 26, 2018, and since then it has listed more than 40 tokens paired by CYB, ETH, Bitcoin, EOS, USDT, etc.[5]

BBB (Bitcoin Bull Bear)

BBB (Bitcoin Bull Bear) is a perpetual bull-bear contract, launched in the Cybex ecosystem in October 2019. Users can get the benefits from the rising and falling price of digital currencies via buying up or buying down.[2] A permanent bull-bear contract called BBB (Bitcoin Bull Bear) was introduced into the Cybex ecosystem by CYBEX. By purchasing up or buying down, users may profit from the increasing and declining value of digital currencies. The product is easy to use and has a clear pricing. It also makes financial derivatives less complicated. As soon as the product is released on the blockchain, it can guarantee that all transactions are fair and transparent, reduce costs, and further increase fund efficiency. It also has a low investment barrier, making it a helpful instrument for risk hedging.

Cybex ($CYB) Token

CYB is the token of the Cybex ecosystem. CYB holders own the right to vote for supernodes and CYBEX charity foundation members. CYBEX trading fees are settled in CYB and 50% of them are supposed to be burnt, so the total supply of CYB will decrease and the value of the token will increase gradually.[1]

CYB total supply is 1,000,000,000. Token distribution is as follows: 15% CYB for private equity, 500 million CYB for airdrop, the rest for the team, ecology, and marketing.[8]



  • James Gong
  • Yuri Milyutin
  • Jianbo Wang
  • Steven Pu


  • Ash Han
  • David Lee
  • Dmytro Budorin
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