Daniel Got Hits

Daniel Got Hits (260.eth), also known as NFT Daniel, is a soccer, , and influencer who was one of the first advocates for the . In October 2022, he launched an ENS auction with Leo Alhalabi which saw over 29 ETH in volume. [1][2][3] [4]


In 2021, Daniel Got Hits became one of the first major ENS influencers tweeting about the potential of ENS, how ENS works, and trends in the ENS market. He was one of the first advocates for the ENS 10k Club. The 10k Club is an ENS category made up of the first 10,000 four-digit ENS numbers ranging from 0000-9999 which was created after all of the ENS 999 club got minted out in March of 2022. [5] [1]

In an interview with the Hedgehog Blog, he explained how the started. "As soon as they [the 999 club] minted out, people were like — okay fuck it we're going to mint it out all the way to 10k [0000.eth to 9999.eth]. I was like, 'you guys are insane, that's never going to happen'. It took years for the [first] 999 to sell out!" "[But,] the 10k sold out in about a day and a half. I couldn't believe it."

Daniel was one of the first influencers to advocate for the 10k Club — as much as he hates the term ‘influencer’. His posts about the project played a role in the birth of both clubs by being one of the most notable and vocal voices for the 10k Club movement.

ENS Auctions

On September 21, 2022, Daniel Got Hits and Leo Alhalabi announced that they were going to host an auction for ENS grails. The goal of the auction would be to bring attention to premium ENS like Africa.eth that are less liquid than popular ENS categories like the 10k Club. When they first announced that they would be accepting submissions to the auction they received over 2000 entries. [6] [7]

They selected ily.eth, btw.eth, gigachad.eth, tahiti.eth, edward.eth, and 2022.eth as the ENS names for their first auction which ran on . On October 6, 2022, the auction ended with the top sale being gigachad.eth which sold for 16.5 ETH. The auction saw a total volume of 29 ETH ($39,000 USD at the time). [8] [9] [10]

October ENS Auction Results

  • ily.eth: 6.0 ETH
  • btw.eth: 4.2 ETH
  • gigachad.eth: 16.5 ETH
  • tahiti.eth: 2.31 ETH


  • edward.eth
  • 2022.eth


Daniel Got Hits first got interested in NFTs when he was sidelined from soccer after a knee injury in November of 2021. He got interested in crypto a few years earlier, driven by the idea of an economy that reduced friction for transactions and had a global reach. Daniel has family all over the world, so the idea of cryptocurrencies resonated with him. [3]

He first learned about  in 2020, but by then they were out of his reach. It wasn’t until May of 2021 that he minted his first NFT, a , which was created and released by LarvaLabs.

Because he was so new to NFTs, Daniel had to go on Twitter to figure out how to view the Meebit he had minted, which is how he discovered . The same day of the mint, someone sold a rare Meebit for a few hundred thousand dollars and it clicked for Daniel that there could be life-changing opportunities in the NFT market.

He knew those types of gains in a short period of time wouldn’t last long as the market would become more saturated, so he committed to diving deeper. 
He bought and sold a few NFTs and eventually stumbled across , which later became the most valuable generative NFT collection.

After purchasing 3 Bored Apes, he sold 2 of them and used the profits to buy , the first NFT art project on .  After doing well with Curio Cards, he wanted to learn about other historical NFT projects that were released before CryptoPunks. He started receiving message after message encouraging him to look into RarePepes, an NFT project released on Counterparty in 2016, which sat on top of Bitcoin. He credited his early gains to “sheer luck and timing” but said that the market is much more challenging now.

Overtime, Daniel built up a large following Twitter by sharing interesting threads and content about the NFT space on Twitter. A lot of influencers on Twitter remain anonymous, but he’s chosen to identify himself publicly and it motivates him to maintain his reputation while creating content to help people learn more about various NFT projects and offer his takes. [1]

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Daniel Got Hits

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