DeFiPie (PIE) (founded in 2019) is a marketplace that aims to unify the present DeFi space, which is a bit fragmented. It provides a single gateway to crypto staking, liquidity mining, lending, yield farming, etc.
They aim at launching the first DeFi (Decentralized Finance) SuperApp that will integrate data and Information from all the disconnected DeFi services and protocols. Built on Polkadot, the app focuses to improve user experience (UX) and interconnectivity of the DeFi ecosystem[1].


The Platform is concerned with bringing interconnectivity and better UX to the highly disjointed DeFi space. It functions as a super app that provides users with direct and easy access to a wide variety of DeFi services from a single interface. DeFiPie users enjoy several interesting benefits, amongst which are:

  • Automatic lending on the platform’s P2P loan market.
  • A wide variety of assets like XTZ, ATOM, DOT, and ADA, which are available for staking
  • Effective matching of loans with DeFiPie’s advanced matching algorithm.
  • The ability to create lending, staking, and liquidity pools.

DeFiPie combines some of the best features of the money market protocols, while also offering its own unique features, enabling users to enjoy the promises of Decentralized Finance.

Lenders and borrowers can lend or borrow crypto assets in a decentralized manner without passing a registration, doing a KYC, and trusting a third party. Investors, traders, and speculators can offer their idle capitals as custom pools with a fixed rate for lending.

Liquidity Providers can provide assets to existing pools and farm the Governance Token PIE with an annual percentage yield of up to 150%. Users can also stake PoS-based assets in existing pools to earn staking rewards according to the underlying protocols.

DeFiPie is the first super app for the DeFi space, it will combine access to lending, liquidity pools, and staking into one application. The user interface is designed to maximize navigational efficiency leading to an awesome and easy user experience. Whatever a user wants to be executed in the DeFi space will be just a few clicks away.

DeFiPie also provides novel features to users which include a P2P loan marketplace, the ability to create lending pools, and yield farming opportunities. Users will be able to easily transfer their asset exposure from one position to the next[2].

List of AssetsAnySelectedSelectedSelectedSelectedSelectedSelectedSelected
Pool Strategy LendingYesYesYesYesNONONONO
Margin TradingYesNOYesNONONONONO
Assets SwappingYesNONONOYesNOYesYes
Synthetix Asset TradingYes (Lending)NOYesNONOYesNONO


DeFiPie boasts of a team with highly skilled and experienced professionals. The Core team members include CEO and Co-founder Aleksei Kopievskii, a well-known web developer with over 8 years of experience. He has been actively involved with several tech startups and has functioned as an investor and advisor to many of them.

Kopievskii also brings his years of experience to the DeFiPie ecosystem. Other important members of the team are Co-founder and CTO, Maksim Malikov, and CMO, Alymbek Sariev.

Aleksei Kopievskii  CEO and Co-founder/ Lead Software Developer

He is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and advisor to various technology startups. He has over eight years of experience in web development and was an Ex-developer at Wings, Switzerland.

He is also a blockchain developer with six years of experience, a Hackathon organizer, and a participant around the world. He has been involved and invested in crypto since the end of 2013 with a deep understanding of underlying technology and Proof of Stake.

Maksim Malikov  CTO and Co-founder/ Lead Software Developer

He is a business builder and adoption finder, he was the winner of "Startup Chile" with a price of $35,000. He is the founder of Smart Progress with over 250 thousand users.

He is also the founder of a distributed file-sharing system with over 100 thousand users daily. He is an advisor to notable Russian software companies, he has over 15 years of experience in software development, 4 years of experience as a blockchain architect, and a strong interest in emerging technologies and governance.

Alymbex Sariev  CMO and Founding Member/ Lead UI-UX Developer

He is an entrepreneur with a deep passion for UI/UX design as he has over eight years of experience in UI/UX design.

He is the Lead UX designer at Aplana, has basic experience in multiple programming languages, and also helps startups to scale.

DeFiPie Services

Lending-as-a-Service (LaaS)

One of the most important aspects of most DeFi protocols is lending. Many protocols, however, offer automated lending solutions. This means that users have no control over their loan offers. With DeFiPie, both lenders and borrowers have the option to choose between automated, semi-automated, or manual lending options. This provides users with the freedom to choose which service will be most beneficial to them.

Any users deciding to choose an automated DeFiPie lending option will receive loans at an automatically determined interest rate. The drawback to this option is that they might not get the best interest rate available. However, choosing manual lending options gives a user with total control over the lending process.

This allows them to determine important details like the interest rate, loan timeline, and loan-to-collateral ratio, among several others.

Staking-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Users with large holdings of PIE tokens have the option to create a staking pool on DeFiPie. This is where other interested users can merge their tokens for staking, subsequently, increasing the interest rates of all parties involved.

Stakers on DeFiPie pools also pay one of the lowest fees in the entire DeFi space. And what’s even more exciting is the fact that despite being in a staking pool, users still retain absolute control over their assets. Staking rewards paid in PIE tokens also attract higher rewards compared to those who are paid in other tokens.

Liquidity Pools-as-a-Service (LPaaS)

On DeFiPie, users have the option of investing their crypto in any liquidity pool of their choice. They subsequently earn rewards based on the number of assets they invested. All pool members also receive a share of trading fees. When a user places a certain amount of crypto assets in a liquidity pool, they immediately receive a corresponding amount of PIE tokens.

These tokens will help improve liquidity in the entire ecosystem. Users on the platform can also create their own liquidity pools easily. They will, however, have to determine important details like interest rates, collateral choice, and many more.

Custom lending pools

As earlier stated users with enough PIE tokens can create their decentralized lending pools. Users in this pool decide on the workings of the pool. This is unlike conventional DeFi protocols where mechanics are determined by algorithms. In this case, members decide on details such as PIE holdings required to become an admin or to receive voting rights, utility rates, lending rates, collateral, etc.

Collateralization Options on DeFiPie

Simply put, this means allowing users to earn rewards on their stand-in PIE tokens. Unlike conventional DeFi protocols, users will earn PIE on their assets. PIE earned this way can furthermore be used as loan collateral.

Yield farming

Users receive PIE tokens as incentives for each day that they are active on the system. In addition, actions carried out on the platform are rewarded with PIE. This helps to ensure a balance between supply and demand on the DeFiPie system.

Interested users can also farm PIE by simply locking up assets on DeFiPie.

Everything on how to use DeFiPie can be found here.

DeFiPie ($PIE) token

PIE is the native token of the DeFiPie ecosystem. It is a huge way to earn passive income as users are rewarded with PIE in the DeFiPie ecosystem. The token is required before users can carry out specific tasks on the DeFi platform, including:

  • Creating and participating in a custom lending or liquidity pool, as well as partaking in P2P lending.
  • Creating or accepting manual loan service offers.
  • Users also need PIE tokens to start a staking pool.
  • PIE token holders will also be eligible to receive annual yield farming rewards of up to 150%.

PIE holders will also benefit from up to 150% in annual yield farming rewards and be able to participate in network governance. Users who choose to receive rewards in PIE will be able to secure higher interest rates.

DefiPie Updates

The DefiPie ecosystem announced on its blog, that the following is being worked upon:

Uniswap V3 Price Oracle.

Creating a price oracle for uniswap V3. This, for the protocol, is needed as more and more projects are moving their liquidity from Uniswap V2 to Uniswap V3.

Fee for creating new pools

There is a risk of a spam attack on the protocol. To counteract this, the ecosystem is introducing a fee for creating a new pool. Fees will be determined through governance.

User validation of new pools

Because there is a risk of creating a pool for a malicious token (this is how the last attack on the protocol was carried out).

We have made a delay in the start of loans for new pools. Now we need to ensure the validation of new pools.[4]


The total supply of PIE tokens is 220,000,000, of which 45.45% are for staking rewards, 21.05% were sold during the seed round and private sales, 6.82% are reserved for DefiPie Vault, 6.82% for operations, 11.36% for team and advisors, 2.27% for community and 2.27% for the DeFi fund.

Token AllocationPercentage
Total Token Supply220,000,000 PIE
Seed Round20,000,000 PIE9.09%
Private Sale 115,000,000 PIE6.28%
Private Sale 212,500,000 PIE5.68%
Staking Reward100,000,000 PIE45.45%
Operational Reserves15,000,000 PIE6.82%
DeFiPie Vault15,000,000 PIE6.82%
Team and Advisors25,000,000 PIE11.36%
Community5,000,000 PIE2.27%
DeFiPie Fund15,000,000 PIE2.27%

PIE is currently listed on Uniswap and Bitbox exchanges.[3]



DeFiPie announced its partnership with TomoChain, a scalable blockchain powered via Proof-of-Stake Voting consensus and used commercially by companies globally. In Q4 2020, TomoChain was among the initial blockchain platforms that were listed on the platform.

TomoChain (TOMO), along with other blockchain platforms included in the initial listing, are made available for users of DeFiPie. This allows DeFiPie users to participate in TomoChain staking, they will easily be able to compare the yields from staking TomoChain tokens (TOMO) with other opportunities in DeFi.

“The scope of DeFi solutions is moving cross-chain to allow for increased investor participation. With numerous options available for staking, yield farming, and lending across multiple platforms it’s incredibly difficult to keep up. A single marketplace that can widen access to this userbase makes sense, and for TomoChain to be one of the first blockchains supported by DeFiPie is exciting. We look forward to the planned developments coming out of the DeFiPie team.”

said Kyn Chaturvedi, TomoChain CBDO

“It is extremely exciting to have TomoChain among the initial platforms to be listed on DeFiPie. TomoChain has demonstrated that they’re a formidable force for enabling scalable blockchain applications. With the TomoChain network being secured by proof-of-stake, we can’t wait to bring TOMO staking to DeFiPie users.”

Aleksei Kopievskii, DeFiPie CEO

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