DeXe or Dexe (Decentralized Social Trading Platform) (Founded in 2017) is an online, decentralized, and autonomous  assets portfolio environment that operates via autonomous [1][2].

This include tools for virtual currency allocation, automatic rebalancing, and eliminates the risks of transferring digital wallet details such as private keys and API or any virtual currency data to a third party, as well as fixing the absence of decentralized interconnection between users and successful traders within the framework of DeFi.


Dexe is developing a one-of-a-kind copy trading tool in the Defi ecosystem. Due to the huge leap and growth in the liquidity of trading products such as Uniswap, , , , etc. there are enormous opportunities for decentralized copy trading with the best public traders of the industry. Each user using the DeFi ecosystem can lock her/his cryptocurrency and receive in return, the volume of which can be increased by automatically copying trades[4][5].

Any users will be able to connect their non-exchange wallet, such as  or Trust Wallet, to the Dexe website, choose the best trader, or a group of traders who successfully sell and buy crypto assets and subscribe to them. Dexe will copy the trades based on the subscription parameters set by the user itself. In the current case, the cryptocurrency stays on a wallet that is accessible only to the user[3].

The user will also be able to copy trades, knowing only the wallet address, or by specifying whether she/he wants to buy or sell a certain token like the owner of the selected wallet.

DeXe Network is a social trading platform that bridges the current gap between Defi and Cefi, operating as autonomous smart contracts to connect users and professional traders in a decentralized manner. 

DeXe Token

The Dexe token enables the open and permissionless system. Following protocol rules and contributing resources facilitates consensus between participants. has a low barrier to entry and encourages innovation.

The token has two vital functions:

  • (1) Automatic buyback and distribution among insurance vault, farming rewards among token holders and burning of tokens for a % of traders’ rewards.

  • (2) Participation in DeXe DAO.

It is not required to be a DEXE token holder to participate in and benefit from the several of its social trading functions. Moreover, DeXe is uploading DEXE smart contract into the open-source community which is free speech and is the fundamental tenets of our Memorandum. However, in order to be able to fully participate in the community, receive the voting right, contribute through proposals and benefit from the incentives inside the network, basically, to become a member of DAO, users are required to acquire DEXE[6][7].

Distribution of Tokens

  • Public sale — 5%
  • Staking rewards — up to 10%.
  • Fund — 33%
  • Team — 20%
  • Partnership and ecosystem — 16%.
  • School of trading and competition — 10%
  • Marketing — 5%
  • Market liquidity fund — 1%

Management of Funds

  • Token Holders Incentives

One of the DEXE functionality includes automatic buyback and distribution among insurance vault, farming rewards among token holders, and burning of tokens for a % of traders’ rewards, proportionally within processes automatic buyback from its social trading activity. By default 1\3 of automatic buyback shall be distributed for the sake of the development of

  • Grant of Funds and other

DeXe network is committed to contributing and enhancing the decentralized ecosystem within the DeXe DAO Community and far behind its membership. Thus, DeXe is committed to allocating DEXE tokens for the purposes of conducting meetups, grants to the community, learning, and spread of knowledge, partnership.

  • Investment

With the growth of there may appear investors who, being encouraged by the ideas of DeXe network, will be interested in the investment of the network as such, outside of the usual token acquiring procedure.


Dmitriy Kotliarov – CEO & Founder[8]

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