DJ Qian

DJ Qian or Dejun Qian is the CEO of FUSION Foundation and Chainge Finance, Co Founder of , and the Founder of BitSE. FUSION provides an inclusive solution for integrating cryptocurrencies that exist today and ones that will be issued in the future by connecting centralized and decentralized organizations.[1][2]


He completed his basic education in a local high school in China. He then joined Fudan University in 1998 and graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Science in 2002. [12]


Shortly after graduation in June 2002, he started working at IBM as a Senior Client Relationship Manager.  IBM is a leading cloud platform and cognitive solutions company. IBM research has defined the future of information technology with more than 3,000 researchers in 12 labs located across six continents. Over the 11 years and 7 months that he worked at IBM he worked his way up to becoming the Client Unit Executive before quitting his job in December 2013. [3][6]

Early Crypto Career

During his last year in his job at IBM, he first found out about cryptocurrencies through his interest in Bitcoin. His background in Computer Science led him to learning more about Bitcoin - reading their whitepaper which he found himself hooked onto the intricacies of the blockchain technology. At this time Qian had friends who mined Bitcoin and Litecoin, and then went on to creating a mine farm; leading to his resignation and marking the beginning of his career in the crypto space. [13]

"I'm probably the first first person who built the mine farm in China at that time"

Crypto Career

In January 2014, he founded BitSE and has been the Chief Executive Officer ever since. In 2016, BitSE was selected as one of the “Top 10 FinTech Startups” and “The powerful blockchain infrastructure of the year” by Caishi China. He was selected as the most Innovative Chief Executive Officer of that year for ‘Jiepu Prize’. [3][6]

In August 2017 he is the founded of FUSION Foundation and and is currently working as the CEO of the company. FUSION provides an inclusive solution for integrating that exist today and ones that will be issued in the future by connecting centralized and decentralized organizations, balancing authentication and anonymity, and integrating both on-chain and off-chain data. FUSION utilizes distributed network nodes to control various types of tokens’ private keys, and establishes a control and management layer on top of different types of .[4][7]

In December 2020, Dejun Qian also founded Chainge Finance which officially launched in January 2021, currently working as their CEO. Chainge Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that allows users to retain complete control over their digital assets and move them across multiple blockchains. Chainge Finance was built on the Fusion blockchain in order to provide an easy-to-use interface for managing digital assets across multiple chains. With Chainge Finance, users can easily access and manage their DeFi assets without the need for complex cross-chain operations or token bridges. [8][9][10]

“Chainge is a decentralized banking application that will adopt all the killer features of Fusion and Anyswap. It will be a decentralized and crypto-amateur-friendly application with a world-class user experience.”

Qian has been actively spreading his vision in the DeFi space, participating as one of the speakers in the 2022 Blockchain Expo and also taking part in podcasts and interviews online as the representative of Chainge Finance. [11]


He was featured in the ‘Zage Blockchain Report’ where he shared his thoughts on ‘Real World Applications of Blockchain Technology’. He was awarded as the most Innovative CEO for the ‘Jiepu Prize’.[5]

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DJ Qian


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