e-Radix is a  represented with the symbol “EXRD” that is swappable for XRD, platform's utility token. Radix is a tier-1 DLT protocol that is designed to serve  applications with a highly scalable and composable 'Cerberus' consensus design. [1]


E-Radix (eXRD) is a digital currency that serves as a medium of exchange on the network, which is a decentralized ledger technology platform. Launched on October 20, 2020, eXRD was issued prior to XRD as a means of distributing tokens widely before began as part of Radix's Delegated system as a strategy to further decentralize the Radix Public Network. [3][7]

The eXRD token has the same functionality as the native of the Radix network, XRD, and is used to pay transaction fees, incentives for validators, and to access various services within the ecosystem. [7]

The eXRD token gained attention in the cryptocurrency community for its unique approach to solving the scalability and speed issues that other digital currencies like and have faced. The Radix network utilizes a sharded architecture that allows for parallel processing of transactions, which increases the network's throughput and speeds up the transaction confirmation time. Additionally, the network employs a consensus mechanism called Cerberus, which enables a higher level of security and reduces the risk of network centralization. [9]

Users can acquire eXRD tokens through exchanges, mining, or . Staking involves holding eXRD tokens in a designated wallet to support the network's operations and earn rewards in return. The eXRD token's value is subject to market fluctuations, and its price is determined by the demand and supply dynamics in the market. [3]

Liquidity Mining

eXRD rewards its users for providing liquidity to the a on a decentralized exchange, for example the eXRD/ pool on the exchange. Users who add liquidity to the pool and their LP tokens are eligible to receive eXRD tokens as rewards. The staking process can be done through a simple user interface on the Radix Community Incentives program website, where users can connect their wallets, deposit their LP tokens, and start earning rewards. Withdrawals of LP tokens and rewards can also be made through the same website. Users need to pay a gas fee for each transaction. [10]


The supply of eXRD is determined by the amount of XRD that is held in secure third-party custodians as part of the Instabridge service. Each eXRD is backed 1:1 by an XRD, which means that the supply of eXRD is directly linked to the supply of XRD. Therefore, the maximum possible supply of eXRD is identical to the maximum supply of XRD, as this is the maximum number of XRD that can ever be wrapped into eXRD form, meaning e-Radix' token circulating supply is also capped at 24 billion tokens like XRD. [3][11]

However, the actual supply of eXRD is not fixed, as users can choose to wrap their XRD into eXRD, or unwrap their eXRD back into XRD. This means that the total supply of eXRD can increase or decrease over time depending on user demand for the token. If more users are interested in holding eXRD, they may choose to wrap their XRD into eXRD, which would increase the supply of eXRD. Conversely, if more users prefer to hold XRD directly, they may choose to unwrap their eXRD tokens, which would decrease the supply of eXRD. [3]


The token is listed and available on the following exchanges:


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