Elizabeth Hunvio

Elizabeth Hunvio currently serves as an Executive Editor at , where she writes and edits wiki pages on blockchain and cryptocurrency. Before this role, she worked with Immigration Advice Service, the UK's leading Immigration Service Provider, as an SEO & PR Content Writer. [1][6]

Early Life & Education

Elizabeth Hunvio was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. Currently, she is studying MSc. in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in the United Kingdom. Before this, she earned a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Ibadan and a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Lagos State University, Nigeria. [1][3]


Elizabeth Hunvio got interested in tech when she was tasked with delivering a seminar presentation on "Artificial Intelligence and Drug Discovery Process" at the University of Ibadan during her Master's degree program. Motivated by a passion for sharing knowledge, she subsequently launched her writing career and secured her first job as a Web Content Writer at, Nigeria's top youth platform in October 2021. [2] In August 2022, her article on Artificial Intelligence was cited by Stephen DeAngelis, the founder of Enterra Solutions, a developer of the Autonomous Decision Science platform, creating greater awareness about the topic. [4][5]

Hunvio is a versatile writer, and her adaptability led her to start working as an SEO & PR Content Writer at Immigration Advice Service (IAS), the UK's leading Immigration Service Provider, in January 2023. Her works have been published on various IAS websites, including their UK and US platforms, as well as third-party websites like Tycoonstory Media, the largest Online Network for Entrepreneurs & Startups.

In May 2023, she joined as a Content Editor, where she writes and edits wiki pages on the platform. Hunvio is deeply passionate about and other emerging technologies. She aspires to become a thought leader in the AI space. [1]

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Elizabeth Hunvio


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