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IQ v3 is an update and vision document that outlines ’s plan for growing the IQ ecosystem by further integrating . IQ v3 involves updates to existing products like and and to . It also involves the launch of new products like and upcoming products like .[1][2][3]


With IQ v3, the team plans on continuing to build out the IQ ecosystem. The aim is to expand and as well as launch new products like , the first tool for coding for languages like Solidity and Vyper, and , the first AI-powered hub for crypto news which is already live.[1]

IQ v3 release on November 1, 2023, marks the day of IQ token's halvening event, reducing token emissions by half. Like with and , the halvening was designed to reduce inflation and make the token more sustainable in the long run.[1]

Another aspect of IQ v3 is improving tokenomics. is working on building a new gauges system to improve the utility of the IQ token in .[1]

Products & Services

IQ Code

is an upcoming coding tool with AI features tailored for smart contracts. It functions as a Solidity advisor, aiming to improve coding efficiency and code quality. The tool provides explanations in markdown format about the generated code's functionality. As the first AI model tailored for coding smart contracts, it offers capabilities for auditing smart contracts, generating vulnerability reports, and assisting developers in code verification and speed.[1]

is an AI-powered social forum designed to enhance users' knowledge and awareness of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. was announced and launched as part of the IQ v3 update in November 2023.[1][3]


After its launch in August 2023, integrated contents and data sets from platforms such as's database, , Frax Docs, , DeFi Protocol Documentations, The Associated Press News, , , BlockBeats, and .[1][2]

In November 2023, as part of the IQ v3 vision, the team unveiled the AIQChatBot. The tool is designed to assist Telegram and Discord communities involved in , , , and related topics.[1][2]

added ranked lists to its functionality where the team covers not only the top cryptocurrencies but also their founders.’s rankings combine ’s price data with in-depth wiki articles covering top cryptocurrencies and their founders in all categories from to .[1]

In 2024, the team is planning to continue to build on’s thousands of articles and integrate its content across the cryptocurrency space. In 2023, established a partnership with to integrate the wikis into their bond marketplace. Furthermore, many prominent DeFi protocols, including , and , have integrated their page into their respective landing pages.[1]


BrainPass is set to be introduced in 2024 as a part of the expanding IQ ecosystem, aimed at amplifying the utility of the IQ token. It will be structured as a subscription service, granting individuals and organizations improved access and enhanced features across a spectrum of AI tools in the ecosystem.[1]

Subscribers of BrainPass will gain access to enhanced features for services such as , , and as well as editing privileges on . Enhanced features for services like IQ GPT may encompass increased rate limits and access to forthcoming integrations related to blockchain and cryptocurrency market data. Additionally, BrainPass membership gives access to specialized integrations like Telegram and Discord bots for eligible project team members in the ecosystem, with eventual exclusive access for projects that engage in IQ .[1]

IQ Gauges

is developing the IQ Gauges system to determine which projects will receive part of the token emissions. Inspired by ’ impact on Frax, IQ Gauges aims to enhance the IQ token's value by encouraging projects to direct emissions to their respective token pairs. IQ Gauges will also integrate a vote market, allowing HiIQ stakers to participate in voting, with potential incentives from projects seeking favorable votes.[1]

Since IQ gauge emissions are fixed and halve annually, governance can decide to allocate part of the protocol's cash flows or IQ tokens to gauge rewards in the future. This assurance encourages stakers to lock their tokens for up to 4 years. Users who stake their tokens in a gauge contract can earn higher annual percentage rates (APR) based on their HiIQ holdings. Additionally, those who lock their deposited tokens for a specific duration receive an extra boost, allowing them to stack both boosts to maximize their .[1]



In October of 2022, the IQIP-14: ‘New IQ Tokenomics for the New Platform’ governance proposal passed with overwhelming support implementing a new tokenomics for IQ starting on November 1, 2023. This proposal and the halvening tokenomics design were made to ensure the rapid growth of the IQ token with the launch of the new site. The team proposed using the halvening model like and which provides higher initial emissions to incentivize early adopters and gradually lowers emissions to ensure long-term sustainability.[4]

The first halvening took place on November 1, 2023, the same date that the team announced IQ v3. As part of IQ v3, the team proposed further lowering inflation by reducing the amount of IQ allocated to the to obtain stablecoins and blue-chip assets. With the BrainDAO treasury holdings increasing along with higher than expected yields through sFRAX they were able to propose this reduction in IQ allocated to the TWAMM. The proposal involved reducing the allocation from 2,166,667 IQ to 2,000,000 IQ post-halvening.[5]

Community and Ecosystem Building in Asia

In 2024, plans to expand its presence in Asia through a strategic plan focused on increased participation in conferences and diverse industry events, such as Upbit’s Developer Conference in Seoul, South Korea, HK Web3 Month in Hong Kong, and Thailand Blockchain Week in Bangkok, Thailand. , the Director of Business Development at will be speaking at the HK Web 3 Month and Thailand Blockchain Week about and its AI vision. The team would also work on securing new strategic partnerships and facilitating broader accessibility to through additional listings on Asian and global exchanges.

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IQ v3

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