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Jayant Krishnamurthy is a Contributor at Data Association and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Douro Labs, a Portugal-based company focused on Oracle tooling and infrastructure. Co-founded by Krishnamurthy and former Jump Trading and Jump Crypto members, Douro Labs aims to expand the Pyth Network's decentralized data services for broader access to real-time market data in the ecosystem. Krishnamurthy also currently serves as a Software Engineer at Jump Trading Group.[1][2]


He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University in 2015, working under the guidance of Tom Mitchell. His academic journey also includes a Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2009, with Henry Lieberman as his thesis advisor and Saman Amarasinghe as his academic advisor. Krishnamurthy's undergraduate studies culminated in a Bachelor of Science (S.B.) in Computer Science from MIT in 2008.
Throughout his academic career, Krishnamurthy actively participated as a teaching assistant for various courses. At Carnegie Mellon University, he contributed to the Advanced NLP Seminar (11-713) and Introduction to Computer Systems (15-213) during the fall and spring of 2012, respectively. His teaching experience also extended to Machine Learning (10-701) in the fall of 2010. At MIT, Krishnamurthy served as a teaching assistant for Computer and Network Security (6.857) in the spring of 2009 and Introduction to Algorithms (6.006) in the fall of 2008.[3][1]


Jayant Krishnamurthy has been the Chief Technology Officer at Douro Labs since August 2023. Before this, he already held the position of Software Engineer at Jump Trading Group, responsible for creating , where he has been employed since August 2021.
Before his tenure at Jump Trading Group, Krishnamurthy worked at Microsoft as a Principal Researcher for a duration of three years and three months, from May 2018 to July 2021. Preceding this role, he served as a Senior Research Scientist at Semantic Machines in Berkeley, California, for one year and two months until May 2018, when Microsoft acquired the company.
Krishnamurthy began his professional career as a Research Scientist at the Allen Institute for AI (AI2) in May 2015, where he contributed for two years until April 2017, based in Seattle, Washington, United States.[1]


Jayant Krishnamurthy's contributions to computer science are evident in his research publications, encompassing diverse areas such as "Structured Set Matching Networks for One-Shot Part Labeling" (CVPR 2018) and "Neural Semantic Parsing with Type Constraints for Semi-Structured Tables" (EMNLP 2017). His studies, including a Ph.D. thesis on "Learning to Understand Natural Language with Less Human Effort" (2015), explore the intersection of language and vision, as seen in "Visually-Verifiable Textual Entailment: A Challenge Task for Combining Language and Vision" (2015). 
Krishnamurthy's research spans practical applications like "Instructable Intelligent Personal Agent" (AAAI 2016) and theoretical aspects such as "Learning a Compositional Semantics for Freebase with an Open Predicate Vocabulary" (2015). His work aims to reflect a commitment to advancing the understanding of natural language through multidisciplinary research efforts, contributing to the broader field of machine learning.[4][3][5]

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Jayant Krishnamurthy


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