Jing Sun

Jing Sun is the co-founder and COO/CIO of and Machine-Fi Labs. With experience as a managing partner in venture capital, Sun has played a role in acknowledging and contributing to the evolving landscape of technology. [1]

“My vision for the future is one where people will control and monetize their data and devices from within the Metaverse.” [4]


Sun earned her undergraduate degree in international economics and politics at the National University of Singapore. She later pursued her Masters in Media and Communication at Nanyang Technological University Singapore. [1]


Before co-founding IoTeX in 2017, Sun was the managing partner of Sparkling Capital, an early-stage venture fund based in Silicon Valley. With nearly five years in venture capitalism, Sun specialized in identifying emerging trends and companies that advertised interesting technologies. [2]

Her cryptocurrency journey began around 2012-2013, coinciding with the industry’s excitement about non-central bank-backed cryptocurrencies, particularly . However, the pivotal moment for Sun and her peers occurred with the advent of ’s smart contract platform, outlined in its during 2014-2015. This marked a turning point, propelling Sun to the forefront of institutional-level investments within the growing crypto space. [2]

Transitioning from venture capitalism to entrepreneurship, Sun co-founded , a platform with a vision to integrate into the digital and physical worlds while prioritizing user privacy. Her leadership role within IoTeX underscores her commitment to exploring the potential of blockchain technology. [2]

In addition to IoTeX, Sun founded Machine-Fi Labs, actively contributing to the development of infrastructure for the machine economy. Through Machine-Fi Labs, Sun has been instrumental in realizing IoTeX’s goals of financializing real-world devices on their blockchain, envisioning a future where machines play a central role in the global workforce. [2]


Joining IoTeX

In October 2022, Sun went on Draper University’s Web3 Podcast to discuss and shared her journey from being an investor to entering the blockchain world. When asked about her background, she said: [3]

“I started my journey as an investor in Singapore about ten years ago after graduating from NTU. And then I got the chance to visit Silicon Valley, and this was mind-blowing because I got the opportunity to meet with some of the smartest people and talk about all the different ideas about how to change the world”

After learning about Ethereum’s smart contracts in 2015, Sun reminisced about how she felt and meeting with the co-founders of IoTeX a year later:

“This was extremely exciting to learn and motivated us to start exploring ideas in this sector. In 2016, I met with the co-founders of IoTeX. We were part of a group of technologists.”

Sun later explained why she decided to join IoTeX and her thoughts about the other co-founders:

“I decided to join IoTeX because of the vision and the dedication of the other two co-founders. They [ and Dr. Qevan Guo] have a profound experience and background in blockchain and decentralized infrastructure.”

When discussing IoTeX’s goal of building its infrastructure, she mentions focusing on building the community to deliver its technology and vision:

“We focus on building the network, the research, and the whitepaper, which is to provide the architecture and the tokenomics as well as the use cases. This is our interactive process to engage with the community, which provides us with a lot of feedback and participate in the bootstrap process so that you can consider them (the community) as the co-builders of the network.”

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Jing Sun

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