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Keep3r Network (launched October 28th, 2020) is a decentralized marketplace and cryptocurrency that allows for project jobs to be posted, and for users to take them. Keep3r was founded by creator Andre Cronje. The project has a native token with the ticker symbol KPR. [1]


Keep3r was quietly launched by yEarn creator Andre Cronje, with only a GitHub page made by his account and his interactions with the service being the indications that it was him behind the project. There was no social media post made about the project. Once users found out about the token, they began to trade the project's native token. On October 19, the price of the token briefly hit $2,000. The token initially traded for around $1. [2]

The service was built to be a decentralized job marketplace. It allows for projects to post listings for external developments, and for teams to find jobs. Discussing the point of registering a job, Cronje explains,

A job can be any system that requires external execution, the scope of Keep3r is not to define or restrict the action taken, but to create an incentive mechanism for all parties involved.  [3][4]

Keep3r Network's smart contracts were audited by PeckShield, a blockchain security company. The audit didn't uncover any critical security issues, only a few moderately risky bugs which have since been patched. [5]

A knockoff fork of KP3R with no affiliation to Cronje's project experienced a rug pull for over $50,000. It was called KPER. [6]

Keep3rV1 Token

On October 29, Keep3r Network's V1 native token launch 'KP3R' (ticker symbol $KP3R) saw a surge in price, due to traders and yield farmers, who have historically 'aped' into projects from Cronje; most notably The token opened on Uniswap at $10, and grew 2000% within hours after launch. The token topped out to over $180 with a market capitalization of over $35 million. [7]

KP3R is the native token for the Keep3r Network, serving as a measure of reputation which allows holders to take on more complex jobs that require more trust. [8]

KP3R is minted when liquidity is added to the platform on Uniswap, there is no predetermined total supply.



Within Keep3r Network, a 'Job' refers to a smart contract that seeks an external party to perform an action. Ideally, they want the actions to be performed in "good will." [9]


On Keep3r Network, the term 'Keeper' refers to an external party that executes a job for another party. Keep3r is not meant for job management, but more to allow contracts to register as jobs for keepers. It is the job of the keeper to set their infrastructure up and create their own individual rules. [10]


On Keep3r Network, governance is strictly for bonded Keepers. If one wants to participate in governance, keepers must bond KPR. Once that is done, they will be allowed to delegate voting rights to themselves or other parties.

Governance's main purpose is to approve and include jobs. When liquidity is provided for a particular job, a proposal is automatically created and sent to review, where bonded keepers will evaluate and decide whether or not they should be included. Another job that pertains to governance is managing keepers. When necessary, governance is able to manage keepers when viewing and resolving disputes, slashing, and revoking access. 

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Keep3r Network


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