Larry Cermak

Larry Cermak is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of , a -focused information services company. [1][2][3]


Larry Cermak attended the Church Farm private boarding school in his early years. He studied for a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics at Skidmore College and then earned a Master of Arts degree in International Finance at Fachhochschule Karnten. [3][4]


Larry Cermak started his career in September 2017 as a Research Analyst at Diar. In April 2018 he was promoted to the role of Head of Analysis at the company. [5]

The Block

Larry joined in October 2018 as the Head of Analysis. He was then Director of Research from 2019 to 2021. He was promoted to the role of VP of Research, served here for 2 years, and then moved to the role of Head of Research and Data in 2023. [2]

In March 2023, Larry was appointed CEO and he replaced Bobby Moran, the company’s interim CEO who was laid off due to company cuts. [6][7]

"Larry has been with the Block from the start, and he knows what we’re capable of, even as a smaller team. It is painful to say goodbye to talented colleagues who contributed meaningfully to our growth, but it was necessary to strengthen the company’s position going forward." - the company noted[6]

was established in 2018 and is headquartered in NYC. It stands as a trusted moderator and a notable voice in the  space. Covering the global  and blockchain sector 24/7 with a team spanning 7 time zones, they work to stay as a leading information services brand. [2]

Through their website, YouTube channel, newsletters, research portal, podcast, data services, and research engagements, The Block engages daily with a diverse audience, including technologists, financial professionals, Fortune 500 experts, policymakers, and more. The Block offers comprehensive insights into the intersection of the emerging digital asset sector with traditional finance, technology, governments, and global markets. [2][8]

As the CEO of The Block, Larry Cermak’s role involves leading the company and making key decisions that shape its direction and strategy. Cermak is known for his vision to bring rationality to the and space. He and his team launched an enterprise research product dubbed Genesis in 2019. His expertise lies in capital markets, market structure, early-stage companies/protocols, and . [9]

"I am a nocoiner because I think that if I wasn’t, it would affect the research that I do. That’s the main reason. Also, I’m not totally convinced in the overall narrative of ‘store of value’. I’m also not convinced in the, often irrational and condescending, community. Bitcoin isn’t going to eradicate central banks; at best it could become a good alternative go-to — an inflation hedge. The community seems like a cult at times; full of unrealistic expectations." - (From an interview with Panama Crypto in 2019 on why he is a nocoiner)[9][10]

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Larry Cermak


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