Leverj Gluon

Leverj Gluon (L2) is a decentralized derivatives trading platform. It is also the only self-custodial decentralized derivatives exchange that provides up to 100x leverage. L2 provides high-speed decentralized spot markets. [1]


Leverj Gluon allows users to trade with their own wallets or keys utilizing multisignature accounts. In addition, identities are secure and decentralized to avoid potential leaks of user information. [2]

L2 users are expected to experience high market liquidity, tight spreads, low slippage, atomic stops, hardware key authentication, near-instant settlement, proof-of-audit embedded in the blockchain, zero-knowledge API keys, and in the near future, price action entries, trade replay videos, managed trading and simulated trading. [3]

The user's identity for any trade is simply a public key that controls the user's coins. Users can create new public keys at will, further obfuscating their identity. Leverj decentralizes the most desirable features of derivatives trading by implementing them in cryptocurrencies and eliminating points of friction.

With a tight focus on derivatives trading and the supporting ecosystem, L2 has taken the approach of defining the product first. Leverj Gluon has built a functioning exchange with a usable UI (user interface), decentralized identity, and provable audit. [4]

Leverj uses Gluon, a bespoke and enhanced version of plasma that offers the scalability and speed of a centralized exchange. Gluon is more efficient than zkRollups and Optimistic rollups based layer-two technology for building a high-speed self custodial exchange.

ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups impose additional time and throughput constraints, which are not suitable for low latency and high throughput derivatives trading. Gluon has first-class support for constructs like margin and has exhaustive fraud proofs for trading. 


Gluon (also known as Gluon Plasma) is a custom-built layer two sidechains to Ethereum that allows for a cheap, fast, and transparent experience for Leverj. The custody of users’ assets on the plasma sidechain is managed by the Gluon plasma contract. The plasma contract serves as the interface for assets between the main chain and the plasma sidechain.[5] 

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Leverj Gluon


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