Lucian Todea

Lucian Todea is a co-founder and the COO of , a decentralized platform, formerly called Elrond. He is also an entrepreneur and an angel investor, investing in, and founding multiple companies throughout his career. [1]


From 1995 to 1999, Lucian Todea attended Gheorghe Lazar Sibiu High School. In 1999, Lucian Todea enrolled at The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, where he pursued a degree in Finance, Insurance, Banking, and Stock Exchange. Over the course of three years, from 1999 to 2002, he immersed himself in a curriculum that provided him with a understanding of financial systems, risk management, and investment strategies. [2]


Lucian Todea began his career in December 2001 when he founded Soft32. Despite being unsure with the trajectory of the company initially, he has led the company in becoming a prominent online software platform that facilitates the distribution and sales of apps for Windows, Mac, and Mobile. [3][4]

"I had no clue what building a company involves or how to manage people and the day-by-day operations and challenges. So I learned by doing."

In January 2003, Lucian Todea founded ITNT and assumed the role of CEO. ITNT has established itself as one of the most successful IT companies in Romania, providing a range of services and solutions in the technology sector. [3]

In September 2013, Lucian Todea became an investor in SmartBill, a leading Romanian invoicing and accounting SaaS platform. With over 50,000 clients, SmartBill offers efficient invoicing and accounting solutions. In 2019, SmartBill attracted investment from Norwegian software group Visma, further solidifying its position in the market. [3]

In October 2016, Lucian Todea became an investor in TypingDNA, a company specializing in typing biometrics solutions. TypingDNA's technology enables multi-factor authentication based on typing behavior, enhancing security and reducing fraud risks. [3]

Since October 2017, Lucian Todea has served as the co-founder and COO of , a  platform that implements adaptive state sharding and secure . It aims to create a decentralized, secure, and scalable public blockchain infrastructure, offering interoperability and cost-effective  solutions. [3][5]

Alongside his ventures, Lucian Todea has also engaged in investment activities. He became a Limited Partner at Catalyst Romania in 2020, supporting the Romanian startup ecosystem through funding and resources. In 2021, he joined 2048 Ventures as a Limited Partner, contributing to the growth and success of early-stage startups and entrepreneurial ventures. Additionally, he became a Limited Partner at Underline Ventures in 2022, offering support and investment to innovative startups. [3][4]

"Usually there are just a few things I take into the considerations. The first and most important, is the team and the people. No surprise here. Are they trustworthy and are they able to execute and deliver based on their initial vision/idea. Another important factor is if I can understand the product or service and the market they are addressing. I invest, usually only in the startups that are technology startups. I try to focus on startups that have the potential to grow globally or become the leader in their country or region"

Furthermore, Lucian Todea has been a partner at since 2017, a company that facilitates offline, online, and mobile payments. Through mobilPay Wallet, the platform enhances the safety and simplicity of payments for businesses and individuals. [3]

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Lucian Todea

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